Apple iPhone X. The most expensive of smartphones will have the days numbered

Apple iPhone X was the world's top selling smartphone in Q1 of the year
Xiaomi Mi 7 Face ID Apple iPhone X Single Mirror
The next high end from the Android manufacturer will have one of the characteristic features of iPhone X.

The Apple iPhone X was a device that many users have waited for several years. This would undoubtedly be the best smartphone from the Cupertino company they could have wished to buy.

But such anxiety did not apply anywhere near or far to the entire market. By contrast, the (big) Apple fans eventually bought the Apple iPhone X, but the rest of the crowd stayed with the equipment they already owned. Or, you exchanged it for one of the 8.

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Anyway, what it means is that the Apple iPhone X is dead, pass the phrase. At least, this is how an analyst Neil Campling describes it, after taking note of TSMC's inventory.

Apple iPhone X is good, but not worth 1000 euros ?!

It seems that Apple is no longer buying any components from the company now mentioned for its Apple iPhone X. As a result, the analyst's conclusion is that the Cupertino giant will discontinue the most expensive smartphone it has ever created. .

And there you have it, maybe that was the problem with the iPhone X. Contrary to what several companies did last year (and 2018 as well), the US giant eventually raised the price of its smartphone very high. Maybe too much.

Therefore, although there was a search for the terminal, this was not at all expected. Moreover, this may contradict the fact that Apple has been delayed in delivery due to the wide interest shown by potential buyers.

There are those who think it's worth that amount, some who think it's not …

Well, just think a little. Of either one, either interest in the iPhone X came from technology enthusiasts who wanted it at the time it was launched, or the offer was low, creating the idea that demand was too much.

In any case, what remains on the retina is that perhaps a limit has been reached on what is the reasonable price for a smartphone. Not that a 800 € device has a fair price.

But definitely more than € 1000 will be too much to spend on a smart phone.

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