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Google Pixel 5 is being well received in Europe

Google this week launched its new smartphones, with the protagonism falling on the Pixel 5. This...

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will have a very generous battery

The arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition has been talked about for some...

Make the most of Alexa communication options

Calls from Alexa to Alexa Alexa incorporates an option of messaging and calls that allows communication between Echo devices, the Amazon Alexa application for iOS...

MIUI 12: know the smartphones that should receive the new interface from Xiaomi

Xiaomi confirmed in January that it is already developing MIUI 12. This will be the latest...

Apple iPhone X – Here's the Smartphone's First Video Unboxing

Apple iPhone X - Here's the Smartphone's First Video Unboxing
Apple iPhone X Smartphone Case

Apple iPhone X will not reach users until Friday, November 3rd. Cupertino's new device is undoubtedly one of the brand's most important smartphones to date.

We can compare this new Apple iPhone X with the release of iPhone 6. The model released in 2014 first brought an iPhone with a larger screen and able to compete directly with the competition.

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The Apple iPhone X will clash with the sleek LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 or even the Mate 10. The device of the American company brings thin margins, a new way to unlock an iPhone and all the news make the hype is every bigger and bigger.

In the terminal's first unboxing video we see that Apple doesn't give us many new things inside the box. This is a typical Apple unboxing for an atypical terminal.

The Apple iPhone X is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year!

Getting iPhone X out of the box is an elegant and simplistic moment, as the cracked apple company has shown us since its first model.

The video brought from Mexico shows us a little about the smartphone and some of its features. Apparently this should be a retail phone, so it justifies the weak ambition in the world's first unboxing of the device.

Although a bit boring, we can watch a video that tries to get the most detail out of the terminal and all its details, if you're as anxious as I to get your iPhone get ready to receive a boost of anxiety watching this video!

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Nokia will also launch a smartphone with Snapdragon 888, but it will disappoint fans

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