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Apple iPhone X – 5 Reasons To Purchase This Smartphone

Apple iPhone X Smartphone
Apple iPhone X was the smartphone that marked yesterday's event …

The Apple iPhone X was the smartphone that Cupertino's company introduced yesterday. After an early talk of Steve Jobs in his own amphitheater, Tim Cook couldn't hide the joy of revealing one of the most awaited equipment 2017 had held.

In fact, the Apple iPhone X has had several highlights, and therefore, several qualities that make it an unrivaled device. So, subjectively, I decided to number them in the following list:

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The iPhone X Screen is different, no doubt. Apple could not refrain from saying that, in addition to not being in the same field as other smartphones that it had presented so far, LCDs, had great advantage for competitors.

That is, the technology is by itself advantageous over the IPS LCD in three respects, with three disadvantages in others. However, these defects, as it were, are mitigated by the Super Retina HD technology it has developed.

In a more personal opinion, no doubt that OLED technology is a must on this iconic iPhone. What's more, its large screen is 5.8 inches and has a resolution above the standard smartphones of the American giant – with 458 dpi (pixels per inch).

Is it or isn't it fantastic? It seems so, without a doubt. And, there it is, this is just the first point that makes it as amazing as it sounds. It should not be forgotten that it covers (almost) the entire front of the equipment.

Iris Sensor and Face ID

What a thrill it was to see Apple introduce a new method of unlocking your device. On a personal level, this was undoubtedly another great news that was already expected in the Apple iPhone X, but only seeing could be believed in it.

The cracked apple company terminal, unlike others on the market, did not change the fingerprint sensor in place. Removed it, and it may be considered as something bad for the next article for sure.

This will be a plus for many, negative for others, of this new Apple iPhone X!

However, in return, the Face ID that will work with Apple Pay has been added. Hence the proof that this feature will be not only safe (100%), but functional. After all, Apple Pay is one of the best cards the company has and which many users enjoy every day.

That is, by compromising Apple Pay the company would be laying a lot to lose. Thus, once again, in a personal tone, this was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the smartphone presented yesterday.

Apple A11 Bionic

It's a little rare to look at the equipment's processor and take it as a highlight on a device, no matter how good. But for me, this one deserved it with the new Apple iPhone X.

With the promise of even better performance from Tim Cook and the company, the A11 Bionic is the processor that will make this iPhone X something more futuristic. Already the processor that had been seen in the two smartphones of the previous year were better than the predecessors, and the latter were already good.

This year was no exception. And as a highlight, for those who use an iPhone 7 daily, as is my case, it's great to realize that the Apple A11 Bionic will be able to promise iPhone X two more hours of battery life than iPhone 7.

Wireless Charging

Okay, if you're a real Apple fan, both of them: you've never heard of this technology or wanted to see it on your iPhone for a long time.

Undoubtedly, I myself did not realize why it was not included in the iPhone 7 Jet Black in 2016. Charging via Wireless It's so beneficial these days that it seemed incomprehensible not to see Apple betting on it when Samsung or Nokia, for example, had been doing it for a long time.

A feature that any smartphone, such as the Apple iPhone X, should have …

The dream is over. One of the positive aspects of the iPhone X, which stands out positively, as in the 8 and 8 Plus models, is the ability to charge wirelessly given its glass body. Whether through AirPower or another piece of technology that allows it to do so, this was the correct step taken by Apple.

Who knows if, from now on, we will not start to see the market look at the wireless charging more seriously? Thank you Apple.

Dual Camera

Impressive. Once again, in a personal opinion, the Apple iPhone X has surprised that its rear dual-camera has optical image stabilization on both lenses.

That is, for those who thought that Cupertino's company could fall behind Samsung and its Note 8, let it go. Both planned that ISO would be a must in 2017 if they wanted their double cameras to make a difference.

The camera of the Apple iPhone X is simply a boon for the smartphone …

And it does indeed. However, if you add to this the fact that iPhone X has new shooting modes that add up to great Portrait Mode, then anyone who buys a smartphone for their camera can, and should, look at this handset.

In a more subjective way, it will certainly be one of the best of the year in this area, even if Pixel 2 has not been presented at all.


Well, personally, once again, these seem to be the five things that stand out from so many at the Apple iPhone X presented yesterday at the Steve Jobs Theater. Tim Cook has made a point of saying that he thinks Steve Jobs would be proud, that is subjective.

However, you might be quite pleased to see that your company has become a reference even more in the technology world. See you next year, Apple iPhone.

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