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Apple iPhone SE 2018 – New rumor indicates that equipment will arrive in May

Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone SE May Look Like iPhone X

Apple iPhone SE was a piece of equipment launched by the Cupertino company that, to many's surprise, was far more successful than one might expect. Two years later, why not release an update of it?

Given the latest rumor, this is what will happen during the second quarter of 2018. Apple will theoretically put a new iPhone SE on the market between May and June.

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What will the terminal look like? Well, according to the source of the news, exactly the same as before, with some changes of course. The most notorious of them all, in turn, has to do with your screen.

Apple iPhone SE in 2018? Come on him!

The Apple iPhone SE 2 will appear to have a slightly larger screen than its predecessor as it will feature the famous notch That's right, similar to the iPhone X that so many like, are neutral or loathe.

On the other hand, it would have a slightly larger battery – 1700mAh – and the A10 Fusion processor with 2GB of RAM, which would be more than enough for use. The question is: is this rumor likely to come true?

The truth is not. After all, if it were on the market in May, you would have seen images of yourself, even if they were prototypes. On the contrary, if it becomes true, it would be the beginning of a new success for the Cupertino giant.

Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This is because, currently, there are already several devices characterized by the so-called "end-to-end" screen, but none of these are fits on a device just over 5 inches diagonal.

Added to this is the fact that the iPhone SE 2 is a device premium, so Apple will be alone in a ocean full of fish to be caught. Perhaps it should go ahead with this plan. She and others, of course.

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