Apple iPhone: Curved screen and 'Air Gestures' will be next step

How many iPhones are active worldwide? Apple responds

Apple iPhone: Curved screen and 'Air Gestures' will be next stepCupertino's company has already shown with the Apple iPhone X that it is ready to change the mindset. The company's new smartphone has radically changed its design from its predecessors and charted the new way forward.

If you don't live glued to the Apple world, you know competitor Samsung has been doing quality work for a few years now. Samsung's flagship terminals not only offer us state-of-the-art specifications but unique features.

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The curved screen arrived with the Note Edge in 2014. The technology is now present in all high end Asian brand terminals. Air Gestures are not exactly new to the Samsung world either, and it seems that Apple is also looking to follow that path.

The recent Bloomberg publication said Tim Cook and the company are preparing to invest in more sassy features for the upcoming iPhone. According to the report, in a few years Apple iPhone will feature a curved screen and "Air Gestures".

Apple iPhone X is on the market for € 1179, imagine if it had a curved screen …

Regarding the curvature of the screen I think we all know what it is. The truth is that no one has yet found a logical reason to implement it other than design, but we can agree that it makes the terminal much more elegant.

Air Gestures are unknown to many people. It was on the Samsung Galaxy S4 that the Asian brand first introduced us to the technology. Basically the terminal can detect with the front sensors when running your hand over the equipment (without touching it) and create the interaction.

Imagine that you are reading an article on EBox and want to continue reading down. Only you're at MacDonalds and you have oil-soaked fries on your hands. Well, you scroll without touching the terminal and the Interface reacts as if you had touched it.

This is undoubtedly a useful function that few people know about. As expected, if Apple introduces the features in the upcoming iPhone, it is a matter of time before competitors follow suit.

Gradually mobile technology is becoming more elegant. Too bad we have to wait for Apple to do so to see other manufacturers taking the step as well.

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