Apple iPhone 12: See the best tips for capturing amazing videos!

Apple iPhone 12: See the best tips for capturing amazing videos!

The Cupertino giant recently published a new video from the series “Shot on iPhone“where you traditionally show us the cinematic capabilities of your mobile phones. Now, with the Apple iPhone 12, the results are incredible!

For fans of the apple and the seventh art, the new video will generate some expressions of contemplation and fascination at the level of quality that we can reasonably expect and obtain from Apple mobile phones. The results are in sight.

The cinematic capabilities of the new Apple iPhone 12

The video was commissioned by Apple, with the results surprising by the use of banal items, objects that we find in most kitchens and homes. Nevertheless, the creativity of the producers will not leave any spectator indifferent.

The editing of the footage was done in the iMovie application, Apple’s simple and free editor. The creators used the “green screen” function or green screen to capture the effects of movement and the apparent suspension of colored balloons.

The result, with the edited video, is a panoply of colors and psychedelic effects with explosions of color, texture and effects that detach us from reality. However, what we see here was filmed with the Apple iPhone 12 and several common objects.

Stuck at home? Dare to create with the Apple iPhone 12

This was the slogan chosen by Cupertino’s technology to showcase the video capabilities of the new generation of iOS mobile phones. From light paintings at night, glowing effects, balloons and slow motion, among other options.

The video shows us how to plan, produce, capture and even edit footage from the Apple phone with iMovie. This also shows us the capabilities of the A14 processor, in addition to the “Night mode” mode with enhanced capabilities.

In summary, in addition to fulfilling the advertising purpose, this Apple video contains good tips to awaken users’ creativity. Whether to share on social media, or for something more serious, there is valuable advice here.

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