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Apple iPhone 12 Pro is more robust and scratch resistant (video)

The latest generation of Apple mobile phones, the iPhone 12 are already reaching consumers and it was not long before new concerns arose, namely, with the apparent susceptibility of the screen glass to scratches.

The video that illustrates this article, by Zach Nelson, responsible for YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, explores the durability and resistance of the new iPhone over several tests. Overall, this iPhone 12 Pro is incredibly robust.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and its Ceramic Shield

Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 generation earlier this month, introducing a new “Ceramic Shield” or ceramic shield that increases the strength and hardness of glass. However, the screen of the new iPhones continues to be coated with glass and it has limits.

It is worth mentioning that the new robustness up to four times more resistant to falls compared to previous generations, is also due to the shape and stainless steel structure of the iPhone 12 Pro and aluminum in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

The test, on video, shows us that the screen of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro starts to scratch as soon as the stylus with hardness 6 on the Mohs scale begins to be applied. However, it is from level 7 onwards that the risks start to be really deep.

The screen is slightly more scratch resistant

The youtuber claims that the risks caused at level 6 of hardness appear to be more superficial. This indicates a slightly more robust and scratch-resistant display. On the other hand, resistance to falls was not ascertained during the video.

The analysis shows us the very strong structure of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro in stainless steel. In addition, we see that the rear glass is virtually immune to slight scratches, as well as the triple chamber, protected by sapphire glass with the usual strength.

However, it is in the heat test that we see the reinforced resistance of the screen, thanks also to the infusion of ceramic crystals in the glass that protects it. In addition, the new iPhone is virtually immune to kinks as it has an extremely rigid structure.

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