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Apple iPhone 12 Mini sparked interest in small smartphones

Apple has finally unveiled a flagship smartphone with a small size. The iPhone 12 Mini is small, elegant and follows the design standards of other devices.

In addition, it is a smartphone with high-end specifications. That is, the Mini is no longer a “weak” version of its top of the range. Something that we saw a lot in the past.

iPhone 12 Mini has increased interest in small smartphones

Mini smartphones

Last week we asked our readers and EBox followers about the situation. The question was simple, did you want to see more mini smartphones on the market? Mini’s that followed the same ideology as the Apple model.

That is, a top of the range in a small body. The response was (seriously) surprising. I honestly didn’t think that “Yes” would win with such a big difference.

About 72% of our readers want to see more Mini models on the market. 28% already believe that large smartphones are the ideal solution and see no purpose in such a small range.

iPhone 12 Mini is the solution that Sony never managed to implement

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Apple may even be talking about this iPhone 12 Mini, however, it was not the first to do so. Sony and its “compact” models were top of the range with a small size.

For some years Sony continued to focus on this ideology, but at some point they decided it would not be worth it. So, no more high-end smartphones with an “acceptable” size.

In short, it is good to see this variety on the market. As a lover of small smartphones, I have to admit that I am excited to see what comes next.

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