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Apple iPhone 12 Mini: smartphone battery leaves (seriously) poor

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini begins to reach the hands of consumers and it also starts to be time to realize the extent to which the equipment deserves so much prominence.

The folks at PhoneArena showed us their real battery test on the iPhone 12 Mini and we can see that the device seriously leaves something to be desired. So let’s look at the difference between the iPhone 12 Mini and other smartphones in identical tests.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Mini playing YouTube videos

Model Hours of autonomy
Apple iPhone 12 mini 5h 10min
Apple iPhone 12 6h 38 min
Apple iPhone SE (2020) 4h 45 min
Google Pixel 5 8h 49 min
Samsung Galaxy S20 10h 20 min
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6h 40 min

Internet browser battery test

Model Hours of autonomy
Apple iPhone 12 mini 10h 56 min
Apple iPhone 12 12h 33 min
Apple iPhone SE (2020) 9h 5 min
Google Pixel 5 12h 40 min
Samsung Galaxy S20 12h 12 min
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 8h 26 min

IPhone 12 Mini battery life in 3D games

Model Hours of autonomy
Apple iPhone 12 mini 2h 22 min
Apple iPhone 12 3h 1 min
Apple iPhone SE (2020) 4h 59 min
Google Pixel 5 5h 6 min
Samsung Galaxy S20 7h 43 min
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7h 46 min

Looking at these numbers, we can see that the iPhone 12 Mini (and iPhone 12) is far from being the best smartphone for gaming. Although it holds up well on the Internet browser, everything else is behind the competition.

The only smartphone that the iPhone 12 Mini can compete with (except for games) is the iPhone SE. A device that also has a low autonomy in relation to the competition.

In short, the autonomy of a smartphone is made through your use. In other words, the numbers do not say everything. As long as the cell phone lasts a day with your use, you should be happy.

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