Apple: iOS14 gives us another proof of a feature that we really want on the iPhone 12

Apple iPhones 12

Apple will soon reveal the new iPhone 12 (or 11S, we will soon know). According to the rumors we will have at least 3 new equipment, however, some believe that 4 will arrive.

A new update on iOS 14 Beta shows us that at least some of these smartphones will have the feature that has been long awaited.

Refresh Rate above 60Hz on iPhone 12

NOTE: 2 months ago, on iOS 14 Beta 1, @BenGeskin noticed the same thing. After that we heard that 120Hz has been scratched off from this years iPhone lineup. If it is, then why are we seeing an option still in beta 5? (Only 11 Pro models)

– iAppleTimes (@iAppleTimes) August 21, 2020

The user @abjornx on Twitter found evidence in the iOS 14 settings that gives users the possibility to select their iPhone to give them a screen with a high update rate. That is, a higher refresh rate than 60Hz.

Since no iPhone gives us such a possibility, we are sure that the feature implemented in iOS is intended for future iPhones.

Not all iPhone 12 will have this feature

Apple iPhones 12

However, not everything is a bed of roses. Apparently, some rumors suggest that only “Pro” models will have this possibility. If Apple adopts the same measure that we saw on the iPhone 11 it would not be surprising.

In fact, I believe that if the iPhone 12 (base model) arrives with an OLED screen, we already have reasons to celebrate. This is because we all know that Apple does not change its characteristics simply “because it does”.

Since some of the iPhone 12 will also feature 5G technology, expect the price of the device to rise. That is why I do not believe that Apple will offer us anything and everything on the base model of your smartphone.

In short, the new smartphones will be officially unveiled in September (or October). So it won’t be long before we have a concrete idea of ​​what’s coming.

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