Despite the slowdown in technology production due to COVID-19, Apple does not appear to be having too many problems. According to DigiTimes, the company is increasing the production of its keyboards for Macbooks and also the Magic Keyboard peripheral, the Bluetooth keyboard.

This increase in production was caused by the introduction of the new 16-inch Macbook Pro and iPad Pro 2020. The new notebook uses Apple’s “scissor” keyboard, reversing the infamous “butterfly” buttons. Regarding the iPad Pro, thanks to iOS 13.4, it already supports more peripherals.

Still in relation to Apple production, the company recently removed the purchase limit for iPhones per user on the site. Its stores remain closed, but according to reports, the apple company’s production is returning to normal.

IPad users can make full use of Apple peripherals

IOS 13.4 (iPadOS) was released yesterday, bringing a wealth of new features to iPads. The most relevant is the support for Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, bringing the experience closer to a real computer. Apple’s intention is to make the iPad Pro a legitimate competitor to Windows computers.

In fact, since iPadOS launched in 2019, it has completely changed the way iPads are used. Support for multitasking is now superior, allowing you to open two apps at the same time and copy images from a browser to email in a fluid way.

Additionally, the iPad Pro’s hardware is favorable for image editing or even light video editing. Along with programs like Procreate and Adobe CC Rush, buying an iPad Pro to work with is an increasingly viable option.

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