Apple: I can hardly afford another 1000 € for an iPhone XS

Apple: I can hardly afford another 1000 € for an iPhone XS

Apple will launch its next iPhone XS and XS Plus on September 12th. Cupertino's company revealed the date of presentation a few days and hours later we have the images of smartphones.

According to the images revealed, there are no major differences between iPhone XS and iPhone X. We will have a Plus model, as expected, but Plus models are simply too big for me.

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I'm an avid Apple user. Although my life runs a lot on Android, the iPhone X and Cupertino's company computers are the ones that take my life behind my back. That's why this year I'll keep a thousand euros in my pocket.

Information leaks were few because design differences are small. Apple will bring a model "S" of iPhone X and if you have an iPhone X like me, nothing better than saving some change.

Apple iPhone XS Should Not Bring Something Truly Relevant

I have to confess something. Every year I say that I will not buy the new terminal of the American company and always end up scraping the card, however, I want to believe that this year is different. For a very specific reason, my iPhone X is still spotless.

Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy S9

It is true that I already had to claim a new insurance because I broke the screen of the first model, but I have had this terminal for over 6 months and remains flawless. Both in performance and drums.

IOS 12 has come to kill me some of the autonomy, however, when the public version gets this problem gets resolved. The handset continues to handle high performance gaming and looks aesthetically fantastic.

That is, I don't think the hour and a half that Apple has been preparing for September 12 will include something that I really want or need. Best camera? Bahhh … iPhone X comes to what I want. If I want something better I take my DSLR.

Best performance? As I said, my terminal performance is still flawless. More autonomy? Hmmm … Until I did not care but it will be worth to spend 1000 € a year later for another hour of battery? It does not seem to me!

That way I give my advice to all iPhone X users. Save some brave change. I do not think it is worth investing in this new model.

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