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It is in the new "Max" that the highest hopes of the brand are placed. @reuters

THE Apple sets new profit record again! So far nothing new, nothing we were not expecting given the constant price escalation. In this sense, it is thanks to the high price of smartphones – the Apple iPhone. It is mainly thanks to him that these Cupertino goals are achieved (and exceeded).

First of all, this new profit record was released today by Cupertino's own technology company. In this sense we can now see the detailed report on the company's performance in this fiscal third quarter of 2018.

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Second, something that may cause some confusion for the reader is that the brand dubbed it the 4th fiscal quarter. Well, this is due to the dissonance between fiscal year and calendar year. The same is true, for example, with Sony.

Therefore, and in a very succinct summary, Apple broke new profit records thanks to the price hike of the iPhone. Yes, for the past three months Apple exceeded his last record. Now it has made $ 69.2 billion in profits.

Apple sets new profit record thanks to iPhone

In fact, the technology has surpassed this figure in more than Cupertino grew 20% over the same period last year 2017. A 2-digit growth that will surely make every investor extremely satisfied. By the way, these are numbers that confirm Tim Cook's mastery in expanding these same profit margins and financial sustainability. This time, we can see growth far from almost all sectors and products of the brand. From the Apple iPhone to even services like Apple Music.

In this sense we can refer, first of all, to a 25% growth on profits earned through the Services. This includes everything from storage on iCloud to streaming from the giant of Cupertino. This segment yielded 10 billion dollars Apple in the fiscal quarter under review.

Secondly we can mention that the Net Revenue Apple reached the $ 14.12 billion during this quarter. Compared to the same period of 2017, we have here a 32% growthSuch an extremely remarkable leap.

Apple iPhone XS Max iOS Apple Apple iMac MacBook Cupertino Apple iPhone
The iPhone is the cornerstone of Cupertino's technology. © Reuters

In short, this is excellent news for investors and especially for Apple shareholders. Accordingly, dividends will also be distributed with them on the basis of $ 0.73 per share held. In practice we have a 15% increase over 2017.

Apple iPhone is the largest source of revenue

The iPhone. Here, without a doubt, this remains the largest source of dividends for the US manufacturer. Therefore, having sold 46 million units during the quarter under review, the escalation of profits is inevitable.

This big number of smartphones (iPhone) sold earned Apple a total of $ 37 billion in recipes. In short, these are numbers that show us how confident (and dependent) the American manufacturer of your iPhone is.

Something that leads us to conclude that the high price of each and every iPhone ends up "fattening" Apple's profit margin. Firstly, this is not affecting the company's smartphone sales volume.

However, it should be noted that in this tax report the new Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are not yet in the company's accounts. Already in the next fiscal report, alluding to the last 3 months of 2018, the new iPhone will be present.

In short, we have good reason to believe that next quarter Apple will hit a new profit record. Here once again, depending on adoption and looking for the new Cupertino giant iOS smartphones.

Fewer computers sold from Cupertino's technology

Looking at the table of recipes, we see that the third largest source were their computers – Mac. However, this segment is still earned the brand $ 7.41 billion because of 5.3 million units sold this quarter.

Apple iMac MacBook Cupertino Apple iPhone
The computer department was the 3rd largest source of revenue for the brand.

Secondly, looking at the tablet segment we can see that 9.7 million iPad units sold. In practice tablet sales earned the brand a "mere" $ 4 billion this fiscal quarter.

Thirdly we can refer to what the brand defines as "Other Products". Included here are wearable devices, wearables like Apple Watch, AirPod as well as Apple TV, among others …

This very varied segment ultimately earned the brand a total of $ 4.2 billion in revenue. Figures that pale in comparison to the values ​​resulting from their smartphones, the Apple iPhone that continues to grow in popularity.

In fact, with the arrival of the Apple iPhone XR, the most economical of the new smartphones, the brand may break new records. In fact, we already count on that.

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