Apple has two models of MacBook Pro with mini-LED for 2021

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple plans to introduce mini-LED displays in several of its products as early as 2021, with the MacBook Pro being one of the ideal candidates, as well as the next iPad models. Both products may arrive in the first half of 2021.

This thesis has been advanced by several sources to which the famous market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now joins. According to his testimony, the Cupertino giant plans to introduce this technology in several of its equipment and will soon be doing so.

The mini-LED will be the new standard for MacBook Pro screens

Apple MacBook Pro

Forecasts suggest that Apple will place 10 to 12 million products on the market during the next year, adding that in 2022 this figure is expected to rise to 25 to 28 million. It will therefore be the new standard for your screens.

Against this background, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the TF Securities agency believes that Apple will bring to the market two new MacBook Pro notebooks during the first half of the year. Both computers will have a new design and will use the processors developed by Apple, chips of the M line. They will also use screens with mini-LED technology.

The new screen technology, operating the transition to the mini-LED, along with the Apple M processors, will be two of the vectors that will define the most powerful notebooks of North American technology in 2021.

iPad and MacBook Air are also on Apple’s agenda

Apple mini LED

Also according to the testimony of the analyst, Apple will put new models of MacBook Air on the market with mini-LED screens, but this should only occur in 2022. As soon as this happens, the manufacturer will have completed the transition to this technology.

In the meantime, Apple will be dedicating its energies and investments in order to increase the production of mini-LED panels to be able to put the indicated products on the market. An effort that is already underway according to some industry sources.

As soon as the production lines manage to ensure the volumes desired by Apple, also the brand’s line of tablets, the iPads, will begin to integrate this more advanced screen technology that promises to deliver a better overall image quality.

Mini-LED screens will also reach Apple iPad

Apple mini LED iPad Pro

Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that the MacBook Air model will continue to be Apple’s cheapest offering, while the Pro will keep the emphasis on productivity and surprise with the new shape and design on these notebook computers.

Likewise, Apple is expected to place at least one new iPad model on the market, possibly the next iteration of the iPad Pro, with new mini-LED screen technology during the first half of 2021.

The gradual adoption of these mini-LED displays, along with the new processors developed by Apple, will serve as a reason for the company to renew several of its products, especially notebooks and, shortly thereafter, iOS tablets.

Finally, the analyst has a positive opinion about this change, something that translates into optimistic forecasts for the company’s sales volume. Incidentally, Kuo expects sales of MacBook notebooks to increase 100% during 2021, while some models with Intel processors still remain to complete the Apple processor product range.

Contextualizing the reader, Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most respected market analysts specializing in Apple. Your forecasts are shared with a number of investors looking to see your bets more cautiously.

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