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Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon accused of abusive practices

The United States Congress points the accusatory finger at Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, four giants that are said to have abused their dominant position in the market to suppress several possible competitors.

These are conclusions resulting from a 16-month long investigation, now advanced by the Reuters agency. In common, the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) showed a monopolistic tendency, without looking at the means, or fair competition.

449 pages point the finger at Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook


The charging of absurd fees to small businesses, or the imposition of highly disadvantageous contracts for young companies are some examples. These and other practices permeate the modus operandi of the four North American giants.

As far as they are concerned, the GAFA group has already denied the accusations, guaranteeing to be in favor of free competition in the market and competitiveness. Nevertheless, the report points to “significant evidence” of anti-competitive practices.

The report is sharp in criticism, having been carried out by the judiciary committee of the US House of Representatives, recommending that the GAFA group should not simultaneously control and compete in the same market.

At Big Tech and the “danger to democracy”

The American panel strongly recommends that structural separations be made in these companies, but it does not go so far as to ask for the separation itself. The important thing, according to the report, is to reform the current anti-monopoly legislation.

Much of the document details what is the culture of Big Tech where everything is justified in the name of dominance. In order to maintain their presence on the Internet, their great power has been consistently used to preserve it.

Summarizing the report, “the small start-ups technological challenges that status quo from then on, they grew up to become the monopolists we saw during the era of the Oil Barons “, the document reads.

The technological giants have already reacted

In the meantime, each of the GAFAs has come to the public to denote their respect for the free market and competition, also leaving the warning that further regulations and impositions would negate the chances of new companies operating in this field.

Apple goes further and strongly disagrees with the report, stating that it does not have a dominant market share in any of the markets in which it is present. For Cupertino’s technology, “competition generates innovation, and this has always defined us”.

In any case, on the eve of the US presidential election, it is unlikely that any action will be taken by Congress. It should also be noted that the report reflects the ideological bias of the Democratic majority in this American body.

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