Apple goes from 8 to 80! Old iPhone also suffer loss

iphone se

This Tuesday Apple finally presented the iPhone 12. And after months of rumors talking about it, it has been confirmed that they will reach consumers’ hands without chargers and earphones in the box.

Not stopping here, the company took an even bolder step. Older models that continue to be sold officially also lose these two accessories in their box.

iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR lose charger and earphones in the box

Right after the presentation, consulting the updated Apple website dropped the plug. Anyone who wants to buy an iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone XR from the official website from now on will also not be entitled to a charger and earphones in the box.

iphone se

Obviously, for now this is only applicable to products sold on the website and official stores. If you go to a regular store to buy one of these equipments, there must still be stock in which the boxes come with the accessories.

iphone 11

Accompanying the smartphone comes only the respective charging cables from USB-C to Lightning. If you want to buy the official 20 W USB-C power adapter, you will have to pay € 25 additional.

iphone xr

This is a controversial move by Apple, justified by the carbon footprint. And in a smartphone industry where copying what others do is common practice, this “environmental concern” is likely to reach other brands soon.

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