Apple Glasses: Augmented Reality Glasses only in late 2021

Apple Glasses: Augmented Reality Glasses only in late 2021
Apple glasses
Apple Glasses still far from market

Apple's foray into the world of Augmented Reality has long been awaited. Its CEO, Tim Cook, has already confirmed these plans but not before the technology is properly developed. Apple Glasses is the way the market has been addressing this new product.

Right now the only gadget of its kind on the market is Microsoft HoloLens. These are aimed at the business market, were it not for their high selling price.

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We are still telling you that Google should also enter this market. The information available to us is based on rumors, but everything points to their confirmation.

When it comes to Apple Glasses, these rumors are much older. Rumors about its potential, because its development has been practically confirmed by Tim Cook in the past.

Apple Glasses only in December 2021, says analyst

However, their arrival on the market is not yet apparent. We now know that they will only see the light of day when the technology in question is properly matured.

It is not Apple's custom to market products just to keep up with the competition. The US company makes sure that its products are properly prepared to meet the needs of its users.

Thus, we will still be far from the release of the supposed Apple Glasses. We're still three and a half years away, according to the analyst at Loup VenturesGene Munster

In his most recent report, Munster states that these Augmented Reality glasses will only see the light of day in December 2021. This statement contradicts an earlier one to account for this release a year earlier.

However, this analyst believes we are more likely to see this product hit the market in 2021. All because it is still years away from being ready for the spotlight. This according to RA specialists with which Munster met.

This review goes even further and advances the financial impact this product could have on Apple's coffers. She believes that in the first year alone, 10 million copies will be sold, priced at $ 1,300 per unit.

This product will have a major financial impact on the company.

This will translate into $ 13 billion in revenue only in the first twelve months of availability of Apple Glasses. They will also represent 3% of Cupertino's total revenue in fiscal year 2022. By 2013, Apple Watch, AirPods and Apple Glasses will represent $ 71 billion in revenue.

Privacy issues are still one of the causes in delaying the availability of this type of gadgets. Indeed, it was precisely these fears that caused Google Glasses to fail a few years ago.

However, Munster believes that in the future society cannot live without Augmented Reality. This will happen when privacy issues are raised and Apple will be one of the companies that will be there to sell us one of these gadgets.

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