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Apple faces millionaire fine for iPhone water resistance

The American Apple is again involved in controversy regarding its marketing practices. At issue is how the company classifies its iPhone as water resistant.

The Italian competition authority decided to fine Apple on 10 million euros due to this theme. A decision to which American technology is reluctant to make statements, at least for now.

Apple accused of aggressive and deceptive marketing

In the document published by the Italian regulatory authority, the latter classifies the way in which Apple advertises water resistance on its iPhone as “aggressive and misleading”. The technology allegedly fails to clarify under what circumstances these conditions apply.


These accusations come after several reports in which Apple refused to provide technical support for devices damaged by liquids. Different ways of interpreting IP certifications are at the heart of many controversies involving companies and users.

The Italian entity’s document criticizes Apple’s disclaimers in these cases. They contain cases in which the company does not cover equipment damaged by liquids and subsequent excuse for technical support, which is seen as misleading for consumers.

In fact, this is a sensitive topic and open to various interpretations. It can be read in terms of IP certifications that the approved equipment can be submerged for a certain period of time, up to a certain depth.

Sometimes these events go well for users, but it is when something less good happens that the controversy begins. Many are the cases in which companies claim misuse of the equipment in order not to provide assistance.

This fine directed at Apple brings the theme back to the agenda. We will see if the American will accept the sanction or if she will fight back to get rid of another millionaire fine.

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