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Apple Does Not Close the Door to Message Scheduling in iMessage

IMessage is a fantastic service, but many miss the ability to schedule messaging. In this sense, a user of the service took this request directly to Craig Federighi, responsible for Apple software.

In response, Apple says the ability to schedule iMessage messaging is something that has already been addressed. In addition, he says that this plan has not been completely abandoned by the company.

Apple has concerns about implementing message scheduling

Despite being one of the projects on the table, Craig Federighi points out that there are some topics that raise some concern in his team:

  • Representing unsent messages
  • Support for deleting or editing pending messages
  • What to do if someone sends you a message while you have pending messages to send
  • What to do if you can't answer one of the answers you just received

These seem to be the key points that Apple will have to be able to address before implementing message scheduling in iMessage. This process may take months or years to complete.

This tells us that Apple doesn't want to release a feature just because its users are asking for it. American technology has always been a company that pays attention to detail and here is proof of it.

The excellence of its products cannot be undermined. Therefore, it should take care of all the drawbacks that any functionality may reveal in everyday life.

The advantage of being able to schedule messaging

With message scheduling, it's no longer imperative to have iPhone in hand to send something to one of your contacts. Imagine you remember something in the middle of the night, but you don't want to wake your friend up to tell him what you have in mind.

With this feature, you can schedule this message to be sent at a more convenient time. Moreover, you guarantee that this message is not forgotten.

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