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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 has an unbelievable discount of 140 euros! (limited time)

Today is the popular festive day in China "Singles Day", where amazing discount campaigns are carried...

Pixel Watch can even arrive together with Google Pixel 3

After Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 9 all the attention turned to the next releases of...

Follow the 2020 Game Awards gala live

How to watch The Game Awards gala live To follow the gala live, you only have to take a look at its live broadcast that...

Bose targets Sony and Apple with its new headphones

Bose has presented a new proposal within the field of True Wireless headphones. Are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and come with active noise cancellation...

Apple: do you have a Mac? The new MacOS Big Sur is now available

After being officially unveiled at Apple’s WWDC (Wordwide Developers Conference). Behold, the new MacOS Big Sur is now available for installation on all compatible Mac computers.

It is important to note that this is a public Beta version. That is, it is normal to have some bugs that can make your use with the Apple computer less advantageous. Still, Beta feedback has not been as bad as it has been in recent years.

How to install the new MacOS Big Sur on your Mac

To install you just have to jump on the official Apple page. Right after logging in with your Apple ID you can incorporate your Mac into the Beta version.

It is worth mentioning to create a backup of the most important files. Beta versions are unstable.

More relevant news in the new Apple MacOS Big Sur

Apple MacOS Big Sur

New design

Consistency and simplicity. The icons are uniform and the new Big Sur design is more uniform. A clear demonstration that Apple wants to unite all operating systems in an identical design.

New Notification Center

The notification center is improved. You will now have a smaller bar with the widgets you want. Instead of showing you a full bar down. In addition, you also have a new transparency with new design lines.

Messages and Maps

The Messages app on your Mac also undergoes a slight renovation. It will now be possible to select photos, and you will also have access to Memoji, if you wish. In Maps you can expect the same news from iOS 14.


The safari is faster and safer. According to Apple, Safari is 50% faster at opening pages than Google Chrome. In addition, iCloud “key chains”. It goes without saying that security has increased. Especially in extensions and privacy options.

A new era

This is MacOS 11.0. In other words, Apple believes that this is a new era for the computer operating system.

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In the middle of the rise in the electricity rate, YouTube has recommended this genius of home PowerWalls to me

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