Apple defies European Union and refuses to pay 13 billion debt

Apple defies European Union and refuses to pay 13 billion debt

The scandal broke last August when Brussels pointed the finger at Apple and "invited" it to pay 13 billion in taxes due to "illegal deals and deals" between Apple and Ireland. The amount in question, plus interest, refers to tax arrears between 2003 and 2014.

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The tax evasion scheme Apple uses to evade taxes is not unheard of. By the way, not long ago the current economy nobel even said that the mere fact that Apple declares part of the profits outside the United States constitutes a fraud. This reinforces the attitude of Brussels that wants to force Ireland to recover taxes that allegedly have not been paid by Apple, a total of around 13 billion euros (plus interest).

The European Commission has outlawed this “scheme” and states that Appe had “improper” tax benefits. Moreover, according to European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, "Member States cannot give tax benefits to selected companies – this is illegal under EU state aid rules."

Months later, Apple challenged the European Commission over the EUR 14 billion debt (on interest) on the grounds that it was being attacked as an easy and convenient target. Moreover, Apple claims that this persecution is due to its popularity and that this close attack on its ranks would make Commissioner Margrethe Vestager the "lady" of the year.

I recall that the Cupertino giant has its European headquarters in the city of Cork, Ireland and is reported to have paid far less than the 12.5% ​​to which companies are legally bound in that country. How little? According to the European Commissioner, Apple paid a paltry 0.005% in tax for 11 years (2003-2014) and, as we well know, the laws are characterized by being general and abstract rather than specific and concrete. Its scope is general and non-discriminatory, unless it is Apple, apparently.

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In the face of Apple's natural challenge, however, even the Irish government is considering taking steps to avoid further accusations of undue tax breaks on large corporations and multinationals to keep their headquarters and factories there, all to create and maintain their own. jobs on Irish soil. Something that led the country's finance minister to publicly declare that "the country does not negotiate with taxpayers" and that Apple will have paid the full tax burden without any state aid.

This is a complex issue that we will follow with increased attention. On the one hand, we have the allegation of the European Commission and the law of a country that adapts to the wills of big business, and, on the other, Apple and the Irish government protesting its innocence.

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