Apple declines warranty on an iPhone XS after being submerged in water


The theme of “waterproof” smartphones has yet another new chapter that should serve as a warning to many users. This time, the story involves an iPhone XS after its user submerged it in water to shoot.

According to the complainant, Apple refused to activate the warranty on the equipment that had been purchased less than two years ago. This is even if the device is IP68 certified against water and dust.

The injured person says the problems started after a short 2-minute shoot under water, at a depth of 10 centimeters. That said, your iPhone XS started to overheat, going so far as not to connect anymore.


Heading to an Apple repair shop, technicians said the anomaly was due to the equipment’s motherboard coming in contact with water. As a result, that component will have been burned.

User will have to pay € 560 if they want to repair their iPhone XS

After evaluating the equipment, the store presented an account of about € 560 to the user, in case he wants to repair the damage to his iPhone XS. This is because the Apple store says the equipment will not be covered by the warranty.

The problem is that the equipment was submerged in sea water. According to Apple, the high density of salt water makes it able to enter the equipment.

Since the account was originally shared in Yuan´s, this indicates that everything will have happened in China. In that country, warranties are typically one year, which can help explain why the store has declined the equipment warranty.

In any case, submersion of any technological equipment in salt water is repeatedly discouraged. Even on IP68 certified equipment, such as the iPhone XS.

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