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EBox Connect VPN Premium Free for 1 Year

EBox Connect Premium Free for 1 Year We are pleased to announce as from today, anyone that orders a new Ebox Q Max, R99 V2, Ebox T8...

Rivian is Tesla rival that received $ 500 million from Ford

Ford decided to invest $ 500 million in Rivian, an electric vehicle start-up company. Rivian is...

EMUI 11 is already coming to Huawei smartphones!

Huawei started to distribute the latest version of its interface, EMUI 11, based on Google's Android...

MXQ TV Box KitKat 4.4.2 Firmware Download, 14/06/2017 Kodi 17.1

This firmware is for MXQ TV Box with AMLogic S805 CPU. Entertainment Box Latest MXQ Firmware Download. Updated on the 14/06/2017 with our version of Kodi 17.1....

Apple: Controversy of risks on the iPhone 12 screen is on the rise and no one knows why!

Apple launched the new iPhone 12 with a new type of technology on the screen that promises to make this glass one of the toughest on the market. However, it seems that risks are not doing so well. Or is?

Opinions are divided. This is because, on the one hand, we have the resistance tests that state that the terminal only scratches the screen at levels 6 and 7 (watch this video). Something that is normal in an equipment. However, on the other side of the coin we have a lot of customers complaining about this problem.

Screen scratches on iPhone 12

iPhone 12 scratches on the screen

Some reviewers are beginning to complain about the situation. In fact, we don’t need to go any further than our dear friend Daniel Pinto, who has already mentioned the situation.

iPhone Daniel Pinto

According to him, the mobile phone had no impact or exposure to situations that created risks of that intensity. However, the risks are there. But Daniel is not the only one.

iPhone 12 scratches on the screen

Our other friend Bernardo Almeida had the same problem with his iPhones. The list goes on with reviewers like MKBHD or even the renowned The Verge website.

More customers seem to complain about the same in this new line of iPhones. Therefore, the best solution is to buy a screen film for the terminal.

iPhone 12 scratches on the screen

Still, it is still an unsatisfactory and a little strange situation. How do so many users complain about the same? Didn’t Apple’s stress tests foresee this? Questions that Apple has not yet answered because it has not officially commented on the situation.

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Latest Posts

EMUI 11 is already coming to Huawei smartphones!

Huawei started to distribute the latest version of its interface, EMUI 11, based on Google's Android...

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