Apple continues to lead on Sony land

Apple continues to lead on Sony land

Apple remains the most popular smartphone maker in Japan. The Japanese people simply love the iPhone, according to the numbers.

The truth is that Cupertino's company has a good life in the land of the rising sun. Apple holds about 56% of the mobile market share.

As such, it is the number one manufacturer in Japan. Local brand Sharp is second on the list. This shows how the Japanese market is different from the rest of the world.

Not even Sony can get a big slice in the Japanese market

Sony, in its homeland, managed to occupy a third place with a mere 8.6% market share. Amazingly we have Samsung with a humble 6.8% and still Kyocera last.

However, Samsung was the only one that saw any growth from year to year. All other manufacturers have seen a decline in sales, even Apple.

However, despite the lead, it was not the iPhone XS or XS Max that had sales weight. It was actually the "humble" iPhone XR. This equipment made up almost 40% of total sales.

This was made possible by aggressive carrier contracts. They encouraged the purchase of the iPhone XR over the more expensive models. The average price of iPhone sales in Japan still dropped from $ 794 to $ 744.

So the biggest challenge for Apple will be to stay on top and stop this decline. However, it will not be easy because competition is strong and although the market in Japan is different, more and more companies are attacking quotas.

In conclusion, Apple has to cling tightly to the Japanese market. Cupertino's company simply cannot grasp other Asian markets like the Indian or Chinese. This is because it has no low-cost supply, which is a priority in these markets.

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