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Sony Xperia XZ2: the full review 2020

It was one of the revolutions announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last March: the brand abandoned its legendary OmniBalance design on...

Acemax KIII TV Box latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 custom Firmware Download

Acemax KIII TV Box latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Stock Firmware Download This firmware is for Acemax KIII TV Box with AMLogic S905 CPU Categories: Firmware, Tools, Recovery Click...

Nokia 7 Plus: the full review 2020

Since its acquisition by HMD, the historic manufacturer Nokia has made its comeback on the mobile market. Big is a big word, previous handsets...

Samsung Galaxy A90 may be cheaper top of the range manufacturer

As the Galaxy Note 10 release date approaches, it is natural that much attention will be...

Apple: another controversy with the iPhone 12! Now for your cameras

Apple seems that until it is successfully launching the new iPhone 12, however, this success does not come without some criticism and controversy.

After the situation of the scratches on the screen, the new situation is related to the cameras of the new iPhone 12. To be more specific, about their repair.

It will be more expensive to repair an iPhone 12 camera because Apple wants it that way

According to information from iFixit, it will not be exactly easy to change the camera of the iPhone 12. This is because Apple simply does not want to. Note that on iPhone 12 Pro there is no such problem. It is still funny, because the “Pro” model has more capabilities than the “normal” model.

The iFixit staff said that there is no problem in changing the hardware, however, Apple restricts its use to the software. That is, the replacement of photo sensors will have to be done by Apple or authorized repairers. This is because repairers will need to ask Apple for authorization to replace these sensors.

If not, what we can see in the video will happen. The sensor is replaced, however, the camera will not function as expected. The wide-angle lens will not respond and the camera software will have a lot of problems. For users without knowledge, it will appear that it is a software problem.

Apple wants to further complicate unauthorized repairs

iPhone 12

These measures only happen because Apple wants to further restrict unauthorized repairs to its smartphones. In the same tone, it wants to annihilate all compatible and unofficial hardware that is for sale in a parallel market.

Finally, it is also a good way to devalue equipment for sale second-hand. A market that Apple has never cared about, however, that make revenues drop when buying new equipment. Anyway, “Apple to be Apple”.

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