Apple and Samsung Annihilate Competition in One of the World’s Leading Markets

Apple and Samsung Annihilate Competition in One of the World's Leading Markets

If in emerging markets the power of brands like Apple or Samsung is dwindling, the same cannot be said for a market as important as the United States.

According to research by Wave7 Research analysts, Apple and Samsung together can sell more than 90 percent of smartphones in US carrier stores.

According to the survey, Apple and Samsung sell 94 percent of smartphones in Sprint and Verizon stores, 95 percent in AT&T stores, and 91 percent in T-Mobile stores.

iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 were top sellers in December

During the last month of December, there was also a pattern in the most popular smartphones among the four carriers. The iPhone 11 was the top seller on the Apple side, while the Galaxy S10 was the top seller on the Samsung side.

As PCMag reveals, these stores control close to 90 percent of the prepaid smartphone business in the United States. This means that these numbers are very enlightening regarding the top-of-the-range sales landscape in the country.

The same source reveals that brands like Google or OnePlus have very little penetration in this market. The Pixel line is between 2 and 4 percent, with OnePlus just above 2 percent.

This is not the market that most closely resembles UK’s. However, it gives us a picture of how one of the world’s most important markets behaves. It should be borne in mind that many of the globally popular manufacturers are not available from US carriers, which ultimately influences these numbers.

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