According to VentureBeat, Apple will reopen its stores outside China starting in April. 10 days ago, the apple company announced that all American and European stores would close, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, with no forecast of reopening.

However, Apple is unlikely to reopen all stores. Unless the outbreak stabilizes in the United States in May, stores in the United States are expected to remain closed, at least the largest, located in New York and Chicago, for example.


The information was sent to Apple employees internally. The company warns that remote work functions are expected to cease as of April 5, suggesting the reopening of stores.

It is a decision that can be considered irresponsible, especially in the United States, with a population of 328 million people. On the other hand, Apple is an important company in the American economy.

Relief for customers with pending repairs

When the stores were closed, Apple gave customers two days to pick up devices that had completed repairs. However, not all consumers have been able to recover their equipment, having been “stuck” in stores ever since.

This way, customers will be able to go to the store to complete repair processes and recover iPhones, iPads or Macbooks that were under repair. An equipment delivery plan would have been quite expensive, and Apple did not choose this route.

In relation to stores, Apple has already confirmed that it will continue to remunerate its employees even with closed establishments. A measure that the company’s employees certainly appreciate.

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