Apple accused of stealing technology that makes Apple Watch unique!

Apple Watch Patent

Apple is back in the spotlight, but not for the best of reasons. According to Bloomberg, they face a new court case, being charged by Masimo Corp. stolen the technology that allows Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate and oxygen in your blood.

Masimo Corp. (and its subsidiary Cercacor Laboratories) says it has been approached by Apple and is interested in forming a business partnership. However, they eventually moved forward with hiring key employees, including current Apple Health Department Vice President Michael O’Reilly.

Apple Watch Patent

Allegedly, these hires eventually gave Apple the weapons it needed to successfully steal the secrets of Masimo’s patented technologies.

Stolen technology allowed Apple Watch performance issues to be resolved

According to the company, the major technological advances presented by Apple Watch 4 and Watch 5 were only possible thanks to the use of its technologies. It was Masimo and Cercacor’s non-invasive light monitoring technologies that overcame Apple’s smartwatch performance issues.

Masimo intends to prevent Apple from continuing to take advantage of its patented inventions, which are being used in Apple Watch and Watch 5. If the court finds that Apple is really guilty in this case, it may have the sale of its smartwatches. completely ceased.

In addition, you will surely be required to pay a multimillion dollar fine for damage to Masimo. However, it is important to note that no information has yet been published to allow Apple to “point the finger” beyond doubt.

Apple Watch 5

This would not be the first time one of the major smartphone makers has been accused of stealing “secrets” that have become essential to the success of their products.

Since its launch, Apple’s smartwatch has been a star in many news stories, helping save the lives of countless users. There is now a strong possibility that the “laurels” should be attributed not only to Apple.

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