Apple accused of manipulating App Store app ranking


Blix, responsible for the BlueMail application, is accusing Apple of manipulating the app ranking algorithms in the App Store. This theory was taken to court, with the company claiming to have evidence of what happened.

This accusation comes after reports that Apple was favoring its applications over competitors. Whenever you were looking for an email app, for example, Apple's proposal would always be the first to show.

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Your app's rating rise suddenly raised suspicion

As Blix says, doubts began to arise when your BlueMail app suddenly climbed from 143rd to 13th. If many companies would be pleased with such an evolution, it thought that "the alms were too big".

To confirm their suspicions, Blix relied on data provided by SensorTower to examine ranking variations. That said, the complainant claims to have evidence that Apple changed its algorithm to dispel suspicions that it was manipulating the results in its app store.

Apple declines to comment

Faced with the news, Business Insider contacted Apple for a response to these allegations. So far, the US company has made no statement.

This is not the first time Apple has been accused of malpractice in its app store. In addition to supposedly giving primacy to their apps, the launch of their already competitive services is raising many questions.

According to The New York Times, the technology has removed or restricted several applications that provide data about the time and the way we use the smartphone. Charges that arose after Apple launched its Screen Time service.

In a different sphere, Spotify accused Apple of making it difficult to offer competitive pricing due to its 30% rate on all transactions made on the App Store. For the music streaming service, this fee requires you to have to price higher than Apple Music to get a financial return.

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