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App turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic (video)

App turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic (video)

If you miss the so-called click wheel iPod, you will surely love this app that is being developed for the iPhone. Elvin Hu, iOS developer, is working on an app that can turn your iPhone into an iPod Classic.

With a perfect simulation of the click wheel, this design student in New York has been working on the app since October. On Twitter shared a short video showing how everything works.

Basically, the app turns your iPhone screen into an iPod Classic with the click wheel. It has a touch feel similar to the original and also with the sounds of that same device.

IPod "dad" liked the idea

For Tony Fadell, considered the father of the iPod, this is a "good memory." The followers were very expectant by the app, and were convinced with its implementation.

Design student Elvin Hu told The Verge that this app came about through work on the iPod development he's doing. A fan of Apple products has always claimed that these were an "influence" to pursue a career in design.

Please note that the approval of this app will be on Apple's side. It is currently under development, and even for nostalgia it would be worth launching on the App Store.

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