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Apex Legends will finally face Play and Xbox players

Apex Legends debuts crossplay

The next October 6 will be when Apex Legends debuts crossover play or cross play officially and for all its users. A function that was announced during the month of June and that will now finally allow both Playstation, Xbox and PC players to play with each other since the title was published in early 2019.

Of course, Apex Legends will release the crossover game next week, but there will not be the option that does exist in other titles such as Fortnie or Warzone thanks to which you can play with your character and everything you have achieved from any device from which you start session. Or what is the same, there will be cross-play but no “cross-progression.”

Likewise, regarding the cross game Rspawn has made some clarifications so that all its players are clear about how it will work. By decto crossplay mode will be activated by default for everyone, but PS4 and Xbox One players will be grouped in separate lobbies from PC. This is done with the intention of avoiding criticism that on other occasions has arisen due to cheetos or cheats that are common in the PC world for the ease of installing add-ons that provide advantages.

However, if a player is grouped with a friend who plays on PC via Origin (EA Play), then they will be taken to a server where there will be mainly players who enjoy Apex Legends on their computers and not on consoles.

Respawn also advises that crossover play is not disabled as that could lead to a longer wait time to join new games. Obvious, don’t you think? Anyway, as here everyone is free to do whatever they want, if despite that you are interested in disabling this function, all you have to do is go to the settings menu and disable the multiplatform game options.

Finally, now that the number of players who can play with each other grows exponentially, the game developers have also enabled a new universal search option with which they try to make finding your friends and creating groups much easier. And regardless of what platform you are doing the search from.

You know, if you wanted to show your friends that you are a better Apex Legends player than they are, but until now you couldn’t because you used different platforms, your time has come. And if your only game console on the Nintendo Switch, stay tuned because the version of Apex Legends for the Nintendo handheld is also close. Although at this time we cannot confirm whether or not it will also become part of this cross-play option. I wish it so.

New limited time mode

In addition to crossover play, Apex Legends will also debut a new limited time mode taking advantage of the Aftermarket Collection event and which will be called Flashpoint. In it, the healing elements are removed and the only way to heal gradually is in the new Flash Points, areas that will also be a clear point of confrontations.

To this must be added that the circle never stops closing and will focus on a Flash Point, so the tension and intensity of the final fight will grow several levels. Although it will be worth it, because there will also be new exclusive prizes of the event.

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