Home Android Apex Legends will even hit smartphones! But you'll have to wait …

Apex Legends will even hit smartphones! But you'll have to wait …

Apex Legends will even hit smartphones! But you'll have to wait …

Despite Fortnite's undisputed dominance, Apex Legends has managed to gain a prominent place in the world. gaming, becoming one of the most popular Battle Royale today. With games like Fortnite, PUBG as well as Call of Duty on mobile platforms, fans crave the arrival of Apex Legends: Mobile.

So far, we knew this would be a possibility and that the studio was considering this new adventure. It has now been confirmed by a top EA executive that the game will actually be released officially, but it will not happen before October 2020. So if you are looking forward to playing Apex Legends on your smartphone, you will still have to wait at least one year.

Apex Legends mobile

Battle Royale game success on Android and iOS will surely continue to grow

Since the Battle Royale mode "fever" set in, it would only be a matter of time before the studios decided to focus on mobile. Especially since, smartphones have begun to feature increasingly impressive specifications.

As expected, the success of games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite was immediate, managing to earn millions of euros in revenue for their studios. Thanks to the great success of these games, many developers who created clones, which also managed to gain some prominence. For example, Free Fire is one of the most popular games in Brazil.

EA is in no hurry as he sees Apex Legends as a "long term" game

Increasingly we see great games being released with the goal of staying in a prominent position for several years, especially those that are exclusively online. The fact that they are online games makes them receive new content on a regular basis, and has evolved dramatically over time.

Thanks to constant updates, events and news, players eventually join a game-loyal community, continuing to play for years.

Most likely, this is one of the reasons EA / Respawn is in no hurry to release the mobile version of Apex Legends. Still, players would certainly want to see the game released during the first half of next year.

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