Home Gaming Apex Legends: Respawn apologizes for the huge blunder he made with Lootboxes

Apex Legends: Respawn apologizes for the huge blunder he made with Lootboxes

Apex Legends: Respawn apologizes for the huge blunder he made with Lootboxes

Contrary to what many expected, Apex Legends continues to be a great success, bringing together several million active players every month.

As a free game, Respawn used traditional lootboxes to monetize the game, giving players the opportunity to collect aesthetic items to customize their characters. However, the latest implementation has caused a great deal of controversy, setting off a major riot among players.

Apex Legends Respawn Iron Crown

Iron Crown event caused chaos among millions of players

The latest event brought for the first time the possibility for players to participate in Solo battles, a feature long desired in the Apex Legends community. However, it seems that the controversy caused by the new lootboxes eventually 'drowned out' the success of this new mode.

Along with this event, Respawn also launched the Iron Crown Collection, where items could only be purchased through lootboxes (€€€). But to the frustration of users, these lootboxes were much more expensive than usual, so you have to spend over € 200 to get some of the items.

The drama generated by the users was so great that one of Respawn's producers issued an official statement apologizing to all players.

As a result, the studio will make the Iron Crown Collection available at the game store and can be purchased with Apex Coins. However, they decided to keep the set in the lootboxes.

Apex Legends Solo Mode

Apex Legends has never ceased to be a completely free game!

Players of this type of games are often ungrateful. They forget that in order to enjoy their favorite game, the studios have invested millions of euros in development and continue to spend money on its maintenance and constant development.

Being a completely free game, studios need to monetize their titles in the ways they have at their disposal. Since most games have now opted to 'sell' exclusively aesthetic items, players are still on an 'equal footing'.

Therefore, players should stop complaining about such strategies by companies. If you don't want to spend money on lootboxes, don't spend it. It is always up to each user how they want to enjoy these free games.

If these purchases made Apex Legends "pay 2 win", it would be a very different story, but that's not the case.

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