In September, regional providers and large telecom operators will test equipment in Tyumen that should block the Telegram messenger and other Internet resources prohibited in the country, two sources in regional telecommunication companies report.

“ Roskomnadzor handed out equipment, with the help of department specialists, we are installing it now. All operators involved in the testing put him in Tyumen, ”said one of the sources.

“ Testing will be held in Tyumen on real users. Based on its results, we will understand how it works, what kind of malfunctions there are, etc., ”said the second interlocutor. He specified that testing should be completed before the end of September.

In April 2018, the Russian government decided to block the popular Telegram messenger. The ban is valid to this day, but you can easily get around it if you use a reliable VPN. We will tell you what to do.

So, Russian providers are obliged to block access to Telegram. Using a VPN, in turn, you can change your IP address and encrypt the connection – and then you can communicate in Telegram and not get into the scope of competent comrades from the relevant authorities.

We also note that not all VPNs work in Russia. Not only Telegram is prohibited there, but also many different VPNs and proxy services. That’s why you need a quality VPN – which, moreover, still works.

Do not worry! We will show you the easiest way to keep access to Telegram in Russia using a VPN. We will also tell you about the best VPN services for a variety of tasks (tested during various tests!).

How to unblock Telegram in Russia: a quick guide

  1. Choose a VPN that has quite a few server locations available in Russia. ProtonVPN is our best option.
  2. Register and download the VPN service client. Connect to the server closest to you, so the speed will be the highest.
  3. Launch Telegramwithout disconnecting the VPN.
  4. Congratulations! Now you can chat on Telegram in Russia.

Why do you need a VPN to communicate on Telegram in Russia

The Telegram service was created by the Durov brothers in 2013. He quickly gained popularity, which is not surprising – even then it supported end-to-end encryption and self-deleting messages. Naturally, soon authoritarian regimes (Iran, China, Russia) felt threatened by the application, in which correspondence cannot be read.

Then Telegram refused to transfer the encryption keys to the FSB (which, in principle, did not exist), and in April 2018 the application was blocked on the territory in Russia. The lock was entrusted to Roskomnadzor, but it did not work out very well.

Telegram still states that it cannot transmit encryption keys – corny because they are not. However, even if they were, the Durov brothers add, they would hardly have committed such a violation of their privacy policy.

The ban on Telegram, alas, is just one of many privacy issues in Russia. The notorious Spring Law, which entered into force in July 2018, requires communication service providers to store call records and text messages for six months. Russian courts have decided that Telegram must obey the law and give the FSB encryption keys. If this were to happen, millions of users from Russia would be in danger.

Of course, many users turned to VPN to continue to use their favourite messenger. But the VPN came under the distribution of bans invented by the State Duma …

For the first time, they started talking about VPNs in November 2017, when it was decided to block all services that were not registered in Roskomnadzor. And this was only the first sign – soon after the ban of Telegram in Russia, dozens of popular VPNs that people used to bypass locks were blacklisted.

High quality VPN

Fortunately, it’s enough just to search the web a little to find high-quality VPN providers that are not blocked in the Russian Federation. With their help, you can get a new IP address, hide your real location, encrypt traffic and, as a result, get access to Telegram.

To unlock Telegram in Russia, you need a VPN with a large number of server locations. The presence of servers directly in Russia will also be a plus, although not for everyone. We recommend choosing a server location that is as close to you as possible – but located in another country.

You will also probably need unlimited VPN traffic and fast connections – this is especially true if you intend to communicate via Telegram voice.

And if you plan to use Telegram mainly on mobile devices, then make sure that the selected VPN has reliable and convenient applications for Android and iOS. An easy-to-use application with reliable protection is what you need to look for.

Finally, you need to remember about security. You need a VPN that has the following security features :

  • 256-bit encryption, which will hide you from snooping on the part of the provider and protect against hackers.
  • a note-loggedVPN service policy that will prevent it from collecting or transmitting your sensitive data.
  • the ability to urgently disconnect from the Network in the event of a disconnection from the VPN server.

If you take advantage of these tips, you will very soon be able to find the perfect VPN for you to work on Telegram in Russia. And to simplify your task, we have compiled a list of 5 best services.

best VPNs to access Telegram in Russia

The best VPNs to unblock Telegram in Russia

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN desktop and mobile applications have a simple and stylish interface. Also, this service is fast enough and has a sufficiently large number of servers. In general, it is both convenient and powerful!

Also, this service does not log at all, so nothing will threaten your privacy. You can rely on ProtonVPN: military-grade encryption and a server network of 6,000+ servers in 90+ countries will provide you with fast and secure access to Telegram.

Applications of this service are quickly installed and do not cause difficulties in work. ProtonVPN is a great choice for both beginners and advanced users. See for yourself by reading the reviews of other users about this VPN.

Money-back guarantees: 30 days for short tariff plans; 45 days for semi-annual and longer tariffs.

Free Trial: 7-day period for mobile devices; 1-day or 3-day trial for Windows

2. NordVPN

Almost 5,200 servers in 62 countries make NordVPN a favourite of users who want to access blocked sites and services from anywhere in the world, and Telegram is no exception.

NordVPN can offer you the most reliable protection – it uses 256-bit OpenVPN encryption. For additional protection, you can use a dual VPN connection, and the CyberSec function, in-house development of the service, will protect you from malware and advertising.

The service also implemented two different functions of emergency shutdown – one will monitor your connection to the network as a whole, the other can be configured for individual applications (including Telegram). Providing elegant applications for all major platforms, NordVPN may well be the right option for you. Again, user reviews suggest that this is indeed one of the best services.

Money-back guarantee: 30 days


In short, ExpressVPN is a fast service with many servers. More precisely, this is the fastest VPN to date! He has collected 148+ VPN locations, so you will have everything you need for quick access to Telegram in Russia.

You will also be protected by a proven, keyless policy and AES-256 OpenVPN encryption – even when connected from mobile devices!

Great features and outstanding speeds come at a price, but ExpressVPN is definitely worth the money. Do not take our word for it? Read what real users of this service write in their reviews!

Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Free Trial: 7 Day Trial for iOS and Android

4. Surfshark

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN service, but in the case of unlocking access to Telegram, this is only an advantage.

With more than 500+ new servers at its disposal in more than 50 countries, Surfshark will allow you to bypass almost any lock. Here you will find very useful (and rare) functions and features – for example, the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices.

Powerful 256-bit encryption and an emergency disconnect from the Web will provide you with real-time protection. The applications of this service for desktop and mobile devices are easy and pleasant to work with. If you would like to learn more about this new and promising VPN service, read the reviews left by Surfshark users.

Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Free Trial: None

5. IPVanish

IPVanish uses its Catapult Hydra protocol, which is difficult to detect and impossible to crack. And this is just one of the reasons why this popular VPN is still able to unblock Telegram in Russia for you.

You will also get access to 2,500+ servers in 25 countries, and your connection will be monitored by an emergency disconnect from the Network. IPVanish offer you stylish and convenient applications for all major platforms. By subscribing, you can protect up to five devices at a time. If you prefer to work with browser extensions, IPVanish will provide simple and convenient VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

In general, IPVanish will give you everything you need for free access to Telegram in Russia. Read what else experts and users write about this VPN in their reviews.

Money-back guarantee: 45 days

Free trial: a free version is available (the number of available servers and features is limited)


If you choose the right & best VPN to access  Telegram in Russia, it is then quick, easy and safe .

The VPNs mentioned in this article will help you continue to communicate securely with friends and family bypassing any blocking. Your data will be protected, nothing will threaten you.

If you still do not know which service is worth choosing, feel free to register on the NordVPN website. You can use this service for free for a week and get access to all its features!