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Another Samsung that blew up, this time a Galaxy S6 edge

Also you Galaxy S6 edge? Samsung's reputation has seen better days, and it's all due to the Galaxy Note 7 and the fiasco of batteries that kept on exploding. The symptomatic causes that led to the premature end of Note 7 are being investigated and we have seen some conclusions a few days ago but the drama seems to have no end in sight.

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Bad luck never comes alone, but I think Samsung already deserved a little peace and rest after its reputation was dealt a blow with the best smartphone the brand has ever launched. Well … aside from the explosive batteries, Galaxy Note 7 was a strong contender to win the Smartphone of the Year award, choose EBox.

Today, unfortunately, we have a sad new case of a Galaxy S6 edge that has exploded and at this point it is impossible to blame unofficial chargers or carelessness. There have been too many cases to be a mere coincidence or negligent use of the equipment. This malady has hit several of the brand's tops since the Galaxy S7 edge and now the Galaxy S6 edge.

Today we have heard of one more of these sad cases, the result of which can be seen at the end of the article in the form of an image gallery, through the Reddit platform (username ReturnThroughAether) the report and the irrefutable evidence of the warm "death" of your Galaxy S6 edge. Fortunately no one was hurt, the damage was only material and seems to be an isolated case.

According to the user report of this ill-fated Galaxy S6 edge, the smartphone was charged as soon as it was switched off because it was not charged and remained overnight. However, under the dead of night, the Galaxy S6 edge decided to warm the environment and began toasting the battery. The photos speak for themselves, we notice the swollen and charred battery that eventually broke the rear panel into glass.

Moreover, the owner of this Galaxy S6 edge will have already spoken with representatives of Samsung and its operator but has not yet revealed whether he will receive any replacement unit or monetary compensation for the damage suffered, probably because the case is still under review.

This was an isolated case, and while we know that the Galaxy S6 edge tends to heat up while charging, we have never seen (until today) such an incident.

I end with a question, what caused this explosion of the Galaxy S6 edge? Misuse of equipment? Unofficial charger? Battery defect? Wear of it? Whatever the case, Samsung's name is once again associated with an explosion case.

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