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Animal Crossing takes the leap into the real world with Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing and augmented reality

Nintendo has released a new version of your application for mobile devices Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In it, the company introduces interesting news, some will only be available for more recent devices, but surely if you are a fan of the popular game (one of its greatest hits this year) you will like them.

The two main novelties are AR Camera and AR Cabin. The first is a functionality that, as you can imagine, allows you to place different elements of the game such as characters or furniture in the real world so that you can then photograph them or take pictures with them. Thus, for example, you could take the neighbors of your island and replicate some scenes that later or before you could do in the game.

The second, AR Cabin, is another function also related to the whole topic of augmented reality and that allows you to create houses where from now on you can have more furniture and items placed inside them. In this way, the creative possibilities increase and it is sure that all those interior design lovers are much more attracted to it. In addition, the augmented reality experience makes it even more attractive.

Of course, an update of this type also entails some changes outgrowing older devices not being able to support these new functions. Therefore, to enjoy the latest version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp it is necessary to have a device with the version of iOS 11 or higher, so that all those who until now used it with previous versions are left out.

Something similar happens in the case of Android devices. If you have a device capable of running Android 5 or higher 64-bit version you will have no problem, but you should know that your smartphone must also have a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM. This for most teams is not a problem, although some models -especially if they are low-end and you bought it for a price for your child- will be left out with almost total security.

For the rest, the new update also comes with the possibility of enjoying a free month of the Furniture and Fashion Plan. And you should know, in case you have never installed this app, that in addition to these options introduced, the idea of ​​this game is to expand the experience although that entails an extra expense. It is not something mandatory and only for the most fans of the title.

Do you need to update your device? Take your data

Finally, in the event that your Android or iOS device is no longer compatible with the Nintendo application. If you are planning to change it to continue using it, you should know that the company allows you to transfer the saved data from one phone to another.

To do this you just have to go to the option Link Nintendo Account when you start the application for the first time on the new device and thus the existing data will be imported with all the advances that you have made during the previous time of use.


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