Android vs iPhone. What is the impact of smartphones on love life?

Android vs iPhone. What is the impact of smartphones on love life?
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Technology, smartphones, Android, iOS, iPhone and love life. What relationship exists between these factors? If it weren't for the bizarre Internet study site. Now, as the publication tells us The verge, your Android smartphone may be ruining your chances of having a second date with 10/10 using iPhone.

This analysis was performed by the North American Dating website. You might have even heard of, it's a popular service especially in that country. Now your conclusions are both alarming and simply bizarre. However, the same theme is already being publicized by the national press.

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I say "alarming" because they are based on a good sample (5,000 site users). I say bizarre because based on a survey of its users, 25% of them also replied that they would be willing to have sex with a robot. Well, I believe it always outperforms the typical inflatable dolls. I'm not here to judge.

Importantly, this study was based on responses from 5,000 users of the dating site. Although it does not disclose the geographic distribution of its users nor does it have a control group. It is a mere statistic and not a scientific study. (See the video at the end of the article).

iPhone vs Android, smartphones and love life

Well, Apple smartphones are reported to have a notorious tendency to refuse and form value judgments about Android smartphone users. The rivalry between operating systems is so ingrained that its implications are already felt in love life. Here the site in question goes further and points out that the probability of this happening is 21 times higher than the opposite situation.

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Therefore, an Android smartphone user is much less likely to negatively judge an Apple smartphone user such as the iPhone. But there is more … the survey revealed some peculiar data about the love life of these 5000 users.

This study aims to evaluate the relationship of technology, in terms of smartphones and its impact on love life. How smartphones can be a good or bad influence on our relationships. How can the dynamics of love relationships be affected by iPhone or Android?

Android smartphones can affect your love life. More demanding iPhone users?

Here, 75% of respondents admitted that they did not want the other party to answer a call without an explanation and good reason for doing so. In addition, the majority (58%) revealed that they did not want smartphones during meetings. Whether an Android or an iPhone, the place of the smartphone is at home.

Realizing the obvious, 66% of respondents were uncomfortable when their love-life partner interacts with their smartphone or texts during a meeting.

This study on the impact of smartphones on love life also points out that, based on their survey, women have a tendency to judge their peers if they don't have a recent smartphone. If your phone is using older smartphones (Android or iPhone), you are likely to be sideways.

You will be able to confirm all this data from the study and its surveys here. You might also laugh a little at the original foreign media coverage approach here.

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