Android TV is present in more and more homes, as evidenced by the 80% growth that the platform registered in the last year. This is also an added responsibility for Google in trying to satisfy the needs of its users.

A new step to improve the experience of using Android TV has now been taken by Google. The American company announced a set of novelties for the platform that will certainly become indispensable for its users.

Instant applications finally arrive from Android TV

Initially announced for smartphones, behold, Google finally brings instant applications to Android TV. As with mobile devices, you will be able to try an app without having to install it on your television.

Android TV

When using this option, only some elements of the application will be downloaded so that the user can have a first contact with it. If you like, you can always install it on the equipment or not, if it does not meet your needs.

GBoard is now smarter

Anyone using a smart television knows how painful the process of writing something can be using their virtual keyboard. Having to navigate the keyboard with the television remote can sometimes take a lot longer than what is supposed to be necessary.

This is where GBoard comes into play and some of the features that make it so popular and useful. Therefore, it will be possible to dictate what you want to write and the keyboard will still be able to make predictions when you choose “handwriting”.

Play Store authentication is much simpler

Another novelty announced is the possibility to authenticate to the Play Store using a PIN. In this way, your interaction with the Android TV app store will be much simpler and safer.

Those who like to play on their TV with Android TV will certainly be happy with the new implementation from Google. A low latency mode is now available that will disable unnecessary tasks so that games can run smoothly and without stopping.

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