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Android TV Box – Take advantage of discount in European warehouses

Android TV Box - Take advantage of discount in European warehouses
Xiaomi's Android TV Box

Nothing better than making our television a little smarter with an Android TV Box. This type of gadget is gaining in popularity and not surprisingly. SmartTVs are expensive and not that smart. Products like ChromeCast are good but limited, and an HDMI cable attached to the PC is unseemly to look at.

This is why these Android TV Boxes are gaining a key role in increasing the intelligence of old televisions. If you have a TV with HDMI input you can connect an Android TV Box and have a huge amount of options.

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Since Android TV Boxes use Google's operating system, you'll have a Google Play Store and all the apps available. You can install Youtube, games or even apps like EBox!

See all products on sale here

But the biggest purpose of these Android Boxes is even the possibility of installing Kodi. We all know Kodi right? That very stylish, functional and simple media player that can have some interesting add-ons.

I will not judge anyone. Kodi is a fantastic platform that lets you view lots of channels that are free in UK and other countries. You can also add less "conservative" lists, but that's up to you. This type of Android TV Box replaces those huge satellite dishes on the roofs of houses. Finally the world begins to get smarter and more elegant.

See all products on sale here

To choose an Android TV Box consider your television. If you have a 4K TV you can buy a Box that can play in 4K, so you are wary of the future. If you want to use Kodi in Box I advise you to choose a slightly more expensive gadget with more GB of RAM. 4GB of RAM should fit perfectly, at least until the media player gets heavier.

Since you are in one of a Box, pay attention to the commands. Many of them already give the command, but it's always a problem to type anything on the screen. If you buy a keyboard controller qwerty you can pair with the Android TV Box and it will be much simpler to get from point "A" to point "B".

This promotion is only for Android TV Box which are sold through European warehouses, so don't worry about customs!

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