Houseparty offers millionaire reward to anyone who can deny accusations

In recent days, there has been a barrage of comments on Twitter accusing the Houseparty app of association with theft of accounts Netlix, Spotify and even Paypal and banking apps. So far there is no evidence, but to protect its reputation, Houseparty has launched a challenge, the reward of which is millionaire.The company is [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro contains American components despite ban

According to the Financial Times, the Huawei P40 Pro may not have fully respected the ban by the United States. This situation makes Huawei forbidden to buy and use American technology in its equipment, except with a special license such as Microsoft and Windows 10, for example.However, the Financial Times published a report after [...]

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OnePlus CEO confirms some specifications of OnePlus 8

One day after announcing the presentation date of his next top of the range, Pete Lau appears on the OnePlus community forum to speak about the OnePlus 8 family. This time, the CEO of the Chinese company comes to confirm some of the specifications of these smartphones.Lau did not take a complete approach to [...]

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Huawei “races against the tide” and registers healthy annual growth

Huawei today released its annual report on sales and revenue for 2019. Amazingly, the company recorded an annual growth of 19.1%, compared to 2018. Revenues were in the order of 858 billion Chinese yuan.According to one of Huawei's executives, Eric Xu, 2019 was an extraordinary year for the company. Despite all the complications of [...]

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Huawei that put Google apps in your app store

Huawei has faced tough times after Donald Trump blacklisted the technology. Consequence of this decision is the impossibility for Huawei to license Android on its equipment and to have access to Google services.Against this backdrop, the Chinese woman has a new idea to try to get around the problem. According to CNBC, Huawei wants [...]

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Apple will pay salaries in full to employees in Silicon Valley

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will continue to pay its employees at headquarters, located in Cupertino, California. The place is known as Silicon Valley, due to the number of technology companies that maintain their headquarters there.A few days ago Apple had announced that it would suspend its employees without payment, and has [...]

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Call of Duty: Warzone: over 35,000 players banned for “cheats”

Like other online games like Apex Legends or Fortnite, the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone has its number of cheating players. As a result, Activision has publicly reported that it has already banned 35,000 players who use "cheats" to have an unfair advantage over others.According to the official publication, the team dedicated to [...]

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Apple buys weather app and closes it on Android!

The Dark Sky weather app was purchased by Apple, which would not normally have a big impact on app stores. However, the application will be closed for Android and Wear OS, the operating system for smartwatches. The app will be removed from the Google Play Store soon.The Dark Sky app will continue to function [...]

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WhatsApp: the application’s biggest limitation will finally disappear!

WhatsApp: the application's biggest limitation will finally disappear!                                                                          Vitor Urbano                                                                                                                        31 March 2020

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Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung and more: LineageOS 17 brings Android 10 to more than 20 smartphones!

At a time when ROMs for Android smartphones are less and less prominent, LineageOS remains the most in demand. The successor to the legendary CyanogenMod continues to be responsible for bringing the most versions of Android to older smartphones.The developer team has now revealed that more smartphones have been added to the LineageOS 17 [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: cover template reveals smartphone design

There are approximately four months to go before the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. According to what little is known, the differences for the Galaxy S20 will be few and this has not pleased fans of the brand.Continuing along the same path, we now have the well-known Roland Quandt who shows [...]

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How many Marvel One Shots are there and what does the UCM provide?

What are Marvel One Shots? In the UCM (the Marvel Cinematic Universe) the term one shot is known to the short films of a certain duration that come to complement the story seen in the movies that have been released in theaters. You could say they are like links or little extras that complement [...]

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The 10 best PC webcams in 2020

aTo improve image quality during a video call, streaming games, or teleworking, a good quality webcam is essential for your setup, or home office. Here you will find the best webcams today!The main criteria were the characteristics of each computer camera, the maximum resolution and the price / quality ratio. In addition to the [...]

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External batteries with wireless charging, are they worth it?

External batteries with wireless charging When we think of external batteries the normal thing is to do it in the classic power bank, with more or less capacity, to which we connect a cable that then goes to the device we want to charge, usually a smartphone. But with the proliferation of devices supporting [...]

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Xbox Series X controller will keep one of its few defects

The Xbox Series X controller will bring several improvements that promise greater comfort for the user. However it will maintain a feature that, in my opinion, is one of its biggest shortcomings: the standard version will work with AA batteries.This means that if you like to use batteries in your Xbox controller, this is [...]

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Modern Warfare 2 Remastering Now Available… On PS4

Limited exclusivity for PS4 The surprising thing is that Activision has surprised with a launch in exclusive to ps4, announcing that the game will be available only for said platform until the next April 30th, at which point it will finally arrive on Xbox One and PC. Modern Warfare 2 is priced at 24.99 [...]

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Xiaomi finally puts Amazfit PowerBuds headsets on sale

Presented at the beginning of January by Xiaomi's partner brand, Huami, the Amazfit PowerBuds are the new wireless sports earphones that you should consider. These have now been offered for sale at a price of € 116.99.These are Huami's first TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headsets, and stand out for being able to monitor heart [...]

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How to change your Facebook profile photo to support #quedatenecasa

Personalized profile photos on social networks Users, we have turned social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter into the main source of information, both transmission and reception. And this has its positive and negative points. That is why, and because of the time we spend on them, many of us personalize our profile [...]

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Users are hesitant about folding mobile phones (poll results)

We recently asked our readers the question: would they use a folding cell phone? It is clear that the first answer that comes to mind is the high price of this type of equipment. In this way, we ask our readers to ignore the price and tell us if they would use a collapsible.For [...]

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These are the games that will arrive for free on Xbox Live Gold in April

Games with Gold April 2020 As has been normal in recent months, the announcement of the games that come with Xbox Live Gold it's not being particularly exciting. The blame lies with the incredible Xbox Games Pass service, which should announce new additions in the coming weeks. While we wait, these will be the [...]

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