Google risks paying heavy penalty! Did not respect user privacy

Google is facing a court case by the California government. The lawsuit involves accusations to Google of continuing to monitor users' activities even in Chrome’s Incognito Mode.The lawsuit requires a payment of $ 5,000 per affected user, totaling $ 5 billion in losses that Google may have to pay if it loses [...]

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Only for PlayStation: all exclusive games

First parties? When we talk about a first parties We are referring to development studies that focus their efforts solely on launching a product for a company. These companies bring to life a series of games designed for a console, and this title will normally enjoy total exclusivity throughout the generation. In [...]

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that we all want will arrive in Europe!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has two versions, however, in Europe (UK too), only one of these models was revealed to us. The difference between the two Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the NFC. Something that ours doesn't count.However, it looks like Xiaomi will bring the NFC smartband to Europe and start [...]

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Xiaomi is preparing to revolutionize photography on the smartphone. Do you know why

Xiaomi has significantly improved the quality of its cameras in recent years. An example of this was the launch of the Mi Note 10, the first smartphone with a 108MP lens.China's next bet in this segment will have a greater focus on zoom. According to rumors, Xiaomi is preparing to launch a [...]

How to choose a camera: 7 tips for good shopping!

Before buying a camera it is important to consider these points that will help us choose the ideal camera. Follow our tips and you'll know how to choose a perfect camera for your intended use.Among the factors to take into account we highlight the needs, types of cameras, user experience, the best [...]

The faces of Spider-Man: all the actors who have given him life

Spider-Man, a superhero from the 60s You have to go back to the 60s to find the first appearance of Spider-Man. Spider-Man poked his head out for the first time at number 15 Amazing Fantasy, on August 10, 1962. The rest you already know: an endless number of paper publications, television shows, [...]

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Huawei Honor Play 4 and Play 4 Pro are official and the big news is its thermometer

As promised, Honor today unveiled two more smartphones to add to its portfolio. Like other brands, the company decided to launch a top of the range and more affordable variant.Unsurprisingly, the Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro is the more powerful of the two and the only one to arrive with the so-called [...]

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The first Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass arrives

New Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield Next June 17 Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will launch the First DLC or DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield. This will be divided into two parts: The Isle of Armor and The Snows of the Crown. Both will increase the areas [...]

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iPad Pro 2021 will be much more revolutionary than the current generation

We can say that the new iPad Pro was not as exciting as many would like. The news of the new Apple tablet was not many, the main attraction being the launch of the Magic Keyboard with trackpad. However, in 2021 the story will be different.According to the new rumors, the next [...]

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Google Pixel 4A has design revealed by the covers!

Smartphone case maker ESR unveiled the design of the upcoming Google Pixel 4A. The promoted covers are transparent, with the support to keep the equipment standing in the rear. It is also possible to discern its unique rear lens and the biometric sensor.Expected Google Pixel 4A specifications5.8 FHD + OLED screen with [...]

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More PS4 games on sale with Days of Play

PlayStation already announced that after the first games that received a promotional price for Days of PlayMany more discounts would come in the form of a flash offer through the PlayStation Store. Said and done, the brand has announced today all the promotions that have been published today in the virtual store, [...]

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Xbox One X: Cyberpunk 2077 special edition will make your mouth water!

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games of recent times. So much so that Microsoft will launch a limited edition Xbox One X with the game theme. Some users have already put their hands on the console and shared some images on Reddit.See the full screenshots of the Xbox One [...]

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How to choose the ideal size for your next television

The ideal size of a television on what it depends If you seek the recommendations of the manufacturers themselves, organizations such as the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) or the sellers of each store can get you a lot. To avoid this and so that phrases like "A cinematic [...]

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Xiaomi UK: Buying at Xiaomi Mi Store (official) just got easier!

Xiaomi UK (official and online stores) officially arrived in UK last year and gradually begins to be a purchase reference for brand lovers.The store may even have prices slightly higher than what we were used to on websites coming from China, however, we have a totally different service. Especially when it comes [...]

TikTok: see how many devices are accessing your account

Many times we dedicate ourselves to logging into our favorite social networks on various devices (mobile, tablet, PC…) and there comes a time when we lose control of which computers can access our accounts, assuming a major failure in maintaining good security and privacy of our data and content. Today we are [...]

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Vodafone: Yorn has to stop “stealing” customers in this way

Vodafone's tariff, Yorn, is one of the best on the market. It can be compared to the Moche or WTF service, which are designed to compete directly. However, in recent times I have been seriously upset about company policy.I have already complained about this problem before, however, the problem persists and now [...]

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In search of the fastest in the world: all about speedruns

What is a speedrun? As its name suggests, a speedrun It is a frantic race, a term that, applied to video games, defines a game completed in the shortest possible time. These full blast games have generated a series of competitions among users who, eager to demonstrate who was the fastest to [...]

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New Google Chormecast with Android TV is the dream come true (opinion)

Yesterday we had the first look at the new Google Chromecast that will arrive with Android TV and I can't be happier with Google's decision.Google Chromecast is easily one of my favorite gadgets and the one that stands out most in my smart home ecosystem.Google Chromecast is limited, that was your problemWith [...]

Loopable: 9 movies we never tire of watching

The 12 best films for «The Output» In the history of cinema there are thousands of good movies that you can see and enjoy. But, we all have few titles that we enjoy whenever we see them again. For this reason, and so that you too can get to know us a [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will have a rear camera you didn’t expect!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be the next smartphones of the brand, with a presentation date of August. The top model, Galaxy Note 20+, was unveiled by the famous IceUniverse leaker, who revealed the specifications of the rear cameras of the upcoming smartphone.If IceUniverse is correct, Samsung will choose a slightly [...]