Podcast 279: Samsung Galaxy Note 20, new Pixel 4a and more

It's time for another EBox podcast. This week's topics are not hot and important. Google launched a new smartphone, Samsung also gave us new products.The Podcast starts today at 21.30h (Lisbon) in our new YouTube channel for the Podcast. As usual, we will have Daniel Pinto as a guest. If you haven't subscribed to [...]

Google Gboard prepares a new feature that you will like

Google is preparing to integrate Google Assistant on the Google Gboard keyboard. Who tells us is XDA Developers who managed to identify the code in the beta application.It should be noted that the functionality is still being implemented. That is, they were able to find the code and activate the features that are disabled [...]

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Xiaomi CEO talks about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4! A light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm not the only one who craves news from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. So we have some good news for you. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, talked a little about what to expect from Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, talked about Mi Mix Alpha and even its Surge processors.That way, we can be sure [...]

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Turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into a Nintendo NES with this case

A very special Raspberry Pi 4 case Building on the principles of previous models released, Retroflag once again amazes us with a Raspberry Pi case inspired by Nintendo's 8-bit console. On this occasion, instead of looking for a size similar to the mini Nintendo console, the manufacturer has preferred to increase the dimensions to [...]

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Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s second new console takes shape

Xbox Series S So far Microsoft has only officially presented a new next-generation console: the Xbox Series X. A machine that we already know a lot about thanks to the information that the company itself has shown. This will be its most powerful and best-prepared model to offer a next-generation gaming experience capable of [...]

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PlayStation will cost more than Xbox Series X and may have less performance

The gaming industry leaker named Dusk Golem said that the PlayStation 5 will inevitably be more expensive than the Xbox Series X. This is because according to the leaker, Microsoft has more capacity to absorb costs than Sony, managing to lower the price of Xbox Series X.These statements corroborate the various rumors or even [...]

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Apple wants to enter the gaming world but to “plot” other companies

Let's face it: no one sees Apple as a gaming company. Despite the Apple Arcade, Apple is not seen in the same way as a Sony or Microsoft, with PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. However, the apple company wants to change that.However, Apple is doing so in a way that may not be the most [...]

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Xiaomi announces special version of Redmi Note 8 Pro!

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is not exactly a novelty as its successor, Redmi Note 9 Pro, has already been launched. However, Xiaomi does not seem to have given up on the smartphone yet. On the brand's Twitter account, it announced a special edition of Note 8 Pro.Xiaomi asks users to guess what's [...]

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Google Play Store: 9 free games you need to know!

Today we have a list of interesting free games to discover. They vary between different genres but all of them are fun and easy to play, without major complications. Stay with our recommendations for free Android apps.9 free games on the Google Play StoreExtreme GolfThis golf game has fantastic graphics and very easy to [...]

Twitter enters the race to buy TikTok! Will it stand a chance against Microsoft?

It seems that Twitter has entered a race to buy the social network TikTok. Or at least part of it. Like the business that is on the table with Microsoft, the goal is to purchase departments in the US, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.The social network TikTok is in an ungrateful situation. After the [...]

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Mi Fan 1C, we tested the Xiaomi fan that you can control with your voice

Xiaomi Mi Fan 1C, video analysis Minimalist and functional design One of the most striking features of most Xiaomi connected devices is undoubtedly their design. The brand, along with the rest of the manufacturers with whom it collaborates in each of these proposals, have always stood out for offering products with a [...]

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Toshiba says goodbye to the laptop market!

After being one of the most relevant computer brands on the market, Toshiba officially announced its departure. The brand has been negotiating with other companies since 2018, completing a deal with Sharp that same year and changing its name to Dynabook.On July 30, Sharp collected the rest of Dynabook's shares, thus completing the purchase [...]

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Huawei’s next folding smartphone will follow in Samsung’s footsteps

Huawei was one of the first brands to launch a foldable smartphone for the market. Although the Huawei Mate X was not the most popular smartphone of the brand, due to its price, it created a positive impact on the market.Although the manufacturer is not in the best position due to the problem with [...]

Centralize your gadgets and get ready for PS5 with these AV receivers

What is an AV receiver? A AV receiver or AV amplifier is a device that centralizes all the audio and video signals in your living room to control what you are going to see on the television or projector and offer the best possible sound with the help of external speakers. Its main function [...]

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It’s a good time for this Samsung Smart TV 4K at 45%

Samsung 4K UHD RU8005, a very good option Among so many televisions and the current varied offer it is difficult to find the best 4K Smart TV on the market. That is why you will surely appreciate that we make it easy for you, very easy, directly recommending the purchase of this Samsung RU8005. [...]

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Poll: Should TikTok be banned?

TikTok is experiencing difficulties due to the pending ban by the United States. In less than 45 days, the app can be completely banned if it is not purchased by an American company like Twitter or Microsoft.Not only the United States, but India is also considering banning TikTok. The reason is simple: the app [...]

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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: which one do you plan to buy? (poll)

The new consoles are about to hit the market and it's time to understand which is the one that moves your heart. On the one hand the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) on the other the new Xbox Series X.Although we do not know all the details of both consoles, most users who intend to [...]

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Serious security flaw in Snapdragon processors discovered!

Cybersecurity company Checkpoint did extensive research on Snapdragon processors and found a security hole in one of the chip components. The component is the DSP (Digital Signal Processor), essentially the "black box" of smartphones.Anyone who can exploit this security hole will have access to more than 400 lines of vulnerable code, according to Checkpoint. [...]

Huawei Mate 40: one of the best Android smartphones that will pass by

Huawei is about to unveil its new model Huawei Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro. The Mate range is usually officially unveiled in September / October and this year will not be much different.However, this year is marked by an unusual year in almost all aspects. If at the launch of Mate 30 Huawei [...]

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Huawei will make drastic decision regarding their smartphones! Understand what’s going on

Huawei's business CEO Richard Yu said the company would stop producing its own processors, the Kirin. This decision was made following the restrictions that the United States placed on TSMC, Huawei's largest supplier of components for processors.This is a decision that will change the company's future completely. Huawei has spent the last few years [...]

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