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Android TV adds a new feature that you might not like

Android TV and its suggestions

The latest Android TV update, Google’s smart TV operating system, has introduced a new section to help you discover new content. Something that surely does not surprise you, because there are similar things on other platforms and because a suggestion section is something common in any service today.

However, it must also be said that not everyone likes these types of functions or sections equally. What’s more, for many it is an invasive way of showing you something that may not interest you at all. Much less if you are one of those who are clear about what you are going to see as soon as you turn on your television. For example, the latest Netflix superhero movie or some of the best HBO series.

So, until the time comes when we do have to accept that it will always be there, right now it is something that can be deactivated. It is not an option as such, but it is a solution with which you avoid having that section continuously in front of your eyes as soon as you start the system.

How to remove update from Android TV

Removing that new section of featured content on Android TV is, as we say, possible for now. The solution is to remove the latest system update or prevent it from installing if it hasn’t already. A simple process that will only take you a couple of minutes. This is what you should do.

  1. First of all, turn on your Android TV device
  2. Check if the new section appears on the home screen
  3. If so, go to section Setting and select Applications
  4. Inside Applications click See all apps
  5. Now click on Show system applications
  6. In the list that appears look for Android TV Home and select Uninstall updates

Once the whole process is complete, the update that has activated the new section will be left out and you will return to the interface that you have been using so far. In case it has not been installed or you want to prevent it from doing so, disable automatic updates for Android TV.

To do so, go back to Settings and in the updates section uncheck the option to perform automatic updates. This way you prevent any update that appears from being installed without your consent.

However, as we said, you have to start to get used to the idea that all these sections of suggested content, recommended or even those that include paid ads are going to become more and more popular. Because it is a way of making these platforms profitable, which in the case of Google’s are offered “free”.

Also, blocking updates is not a great idea for system and user data security either. Especially if the television is used for much more than just watching content. For example, accessing personal services such as email, accounts on social networks or for home automation control issues at home. But hey, let everyone decide what is best for them. The important thing is that you know that when you see this new section on Android TV you know what it is about and what you can do.

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