Home Android Android Q will greatly improve the way you access our notifications.

Android Q will greatly improve the way you access our notifications.

Android Q will greatly improve the way you access our notifications.

With the arrival of the beta 5 of Android Q comes something new that will surely please all users of this operating system. You will now be able to access the notification bar by swiping down from anywhere on the screen.

This will no longer have to go to the top of the screen to see all our notifications or access the quick controls. To close the notification bar again, simply swipe up anywhere on your smartphone screen.

New gestures will be very beneficial for large screens

This news will be very important especially for those who have a smartphone with a large screen. Can you imagine the effort of going to the top of a 6-inch screen just to see all the notifications?

Well, from Android Q this will no longer be a "headache". Finally Google has implemented this possibility natively in its operating system.

There are several brands that have already implemented such functionality in their smartphones. Chinese manufacturers appear in greater numbers in this range, but it seems that from now on they will all count on this new gesture.

Android Q is getting closer to its final state

It seems that Android Q beta 5 will be the latest test version of the operating system. Therefore, it is expected that this version will be quite close to what will be the final version of the most widely used operating system in the world.

This means that the features present in the beta 5 of Android Q should integrate their final version. An example of this is this new way to access our notifications in a much more ergonomic way.

Already the final version of Android Q should be available sometime next August. The first models to receive it will be the Pixel and members of the Android One program. Then the other manufacturers should follow the same path.

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