Android Pie 9: Google Announces New Operating System Version

Android Pie 9: Google Announces New Operating System Version
Android Pie Google
The latest version of this smartphone operating system has arrived

Anticipating all the deadlines we anticipated, Google announced today the new Android Pie 9. This is the new version of its smartphone operating system that is starting to reach the Google Pixel.

After all the development phase of Android P, behold the final version is ready. Now with a new set (Pie) it's time to know all your news. With this new version, Google wants a simpler and smarter operating system.

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Android Pie 9 will learn from you thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The more you use your smartphone, the more Android Pie will be able to predict what you'll do next. This new version will adapt to you and the way you use it.

That's why this new version comes with two features known as Adpative Battery and Adaptive Brightness. The first will channel the power of your smartphone to the applications you use the most, and the second will adjust the screen brightness to suit some circumstances.

Google today announced Android Pie 9

Still in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we have the functionality App Actions who will try to predict what you will do next. For example, if you plug in your headphones, Android Pie will suggest your favorite Spotify playlist. It will also show you the most commonly used apps at the top of the app drawer.

This new version of Google's operating system also comes with an improved and simpler interface. Will now come more prepared to handle smartphones with notch and also for reducing the edges of the screens.

For this we now have a new form of gesture-based navigation. Proof of this is the disappearance of the back buttons and recent applications on the home screen. Now we have just one button in the center with new ways of navigating.

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<p>Dragging up from anywhere on the screen gives you access to the latest applications. Then you'll have a full screen preview of them. Simply by clicking on one you will return to what you were doing previously.</p>
<p>Still in the interface field, we have an interface redesign of the quick definitions. We can't forget new ways to take <em>screenshots</em>, simplified volume controls and a new way to manage your notifications.</p>
<p>Later in the fall we will have access to the functionality <em>Slices</em>. Imagine you're on Google Search and type in the name of one of your apps. With <em>Slices</em>, you will be instantly presented with useful information from that same application.</p>
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<p>It is also important to talk about one of the most awaited news of this version: "Digital Wellbeing". Built on a Google study, its purpose is to let you know when you are using your smartphone too much.</p>
<h3>Digital Wellbeing Functionality Not Available Yet</h3>
<p>With it, the operating system will notify you of how much time you spend in a given application. You can also set specific times for using a particular app. After that time, your icon will be grayed out so you can no longer use it.</p>
<p>You will also have access to a new "do not disturb" mode that will disable all visual interruptions that Android may offer you, such as <em>pop ups</em> of notifications. There will even be a mode that will automatically gray out the screen for a better read before you lie down.</p>
<p>"Digital Wellbeing" will hit Pixel gear this fall. Already for Android One and remaining devices will only be available later in the year. Still, Pixel users can join your beta program right now.</p>
<p>This is the news of the latest version of this operating system. As you can see, we do not have big background news, but an improvement of some aspects. This is now followed by the painful upgrade process for the contemplated smartphones.</p>
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