Android Pie 9.0: These will be the first smartphones to be updated.

Android Pie 9.0: These will be the first smartphones to be updated.

Android Pie 9.0: These will be the first smartphones to be updated.Android Pie 9.0 is here and is beginning to be asked which smartphones are receiving the new operating system.

Android Pie 9.0 may not be much different from Android Oreo in terms of design and structure, however, it has new implementations relevant for upgrading the device.

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Google's new operating system brings more smartness to the smartphone, minor design changes to the notification bar and app drawer, and an app that I find phenomenal.

I'm obviously talking about Digital Wellbeing. The application that came with Android Pie 9.0 tells users how to use it with their smartphone. Indicate which applications spend the most time, which should be reduced, and even block access to a particular application after a certain amount of time.

Android Pie 9.0 will first reach smartphones with Android One installed

Apart from all the new implementations, this application is for me the most relevant feature. I have been using the Apple version for a while now on iOS 12 and believe it has improved my dependence on the smartphone.

But when will the new Android Pie 9.0 come to your Android smartphone? Still nothing is certain at the date level. The system was officially unveiled yesterday and it is a matter of time before brands begin to mention which of their terminals will receive the update.

But there are already terminals that are on the waiting list and these smartphones are the Google Pixel and Android One smartphones.

Do you always remember when we wrote an article stating that Android One is perfect for updates? The time has come for Google to prove it to us. Google smartphones are starting to get Android Pie 9.0 now, all we have to do is know which ones are coming next.

Remember that this information is pure speculation. While it is more than obvious that these should be the first terminals to receive the update, there is no official date information yet.

However, as I mentioned, we can assume that since they use Google's purest system, they will be on the front line to receive the update.

List of smartphones expected to be on the front line for Android Pie 9.0

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2XL
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Essential Phone
  • Nokia 8 Sirocco
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus
  • Nokia 6 (2018)
  • Nokia 5.1 Plus
  • Nokia 5.1
  • Nokia 3.1
  • Nokia 2.1
  • Nokia 8 (Later)
  • Nokia 7 (Later)
  • Nokia 6 (Later)
  • Nokia 5 (Later)
  • Nokia 3 (Later)
  • Nokia 2 (Later)
  • Nokia 1 (Later)
  • BQ Aquaris X2 Pro
  • BQ Aquaris X2
  • Xiaomi Mi A1
  • Xiaomi Mi A2
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (Beta Available)
  • Motorola Moto X4

Please do not take this word for granted. This list should represent the smartphones that will first receive Android Pie 9.0 for its features and the software they offer.

More equipment will be added to this list. I can promise you that we will look closely at which ones will come together and which ones will be left out.

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