Android P may natively support call recording

Android P may natively support call recording
Android P calls
First trial version of Android P will be released in the coming months

Development of the next Android version will have started a long time ago. Yes, even at a time when many devices have not yet received Oreo, their successor, (Android P) will be very close to seeing their first trial released.

The latest information points in this direction. Google is not in the habit of giving advance notice of the release of the first trial version of the latest version of its OS. This has been happening in the spring and although it is still winter, the new Android P will be just around the corner.

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It is from this moment that begin to discover the main news of each version. It is when it reaches the hands of developers that they discover the innovations implemented by Google. So far, it's all speculation based on some statement or clues left on the company's websites.

The latest clue left on the AOSP website implies that Android P will support call recording natively. Call recording will not be a total novelty. This feature is already available on Android, however, in a restricted way.

Android P may alert you to call recording

Google itself has been barring access to this feature. However, some companies have unofficially offered it. Some brands go even further and make it possible to access apps from the Play Store.

But by 2018 Google will want to end this outlook. Call recording may now be open to any developer, although such a scenario is not unambiguously mentioned in the source of this information.

What you can read on the AOSP site is support for a warning ring for recording calls. This ring will have a frequency of 1400Hz so anyone on the other end can hear it too. This will repeat every 15 seconds.

The implementation of this "warning ring" is intended to comply with market regulations. These may vary depending on the user's geography, so each carrier may decide to disable it or not.

All this is but a possibility. It is not yet certain that this feature will be implemented on Android P, but Google seems to be studying its implementation.

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