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Android Oreo May Contain Secret Bootloop Solution on Smartphone

Android Oreo bootloop smartphone
Feature was discovered in Android Oreo source code and brings new hope to users – credit: androidpolice

"Bootloop", a hair-raising expression for many Android smartphone users that can be almost as terrifying as burn in on some brands and devices. Simply put, this is a problem already in the history of the Android world that puts your smartphone in a repetitive cycle of startup, shutdown and restart. This pest can now have an end in sight thanks to a tool built into Android Oreo.

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In more severe cases the smartphone gets stuck in this loop infinity until your battery runs out and may not even return to life. This is a real issue that affects some Android smartphones, especially when installing something in a new ROM or even firmware officer does not go well.

Android Oreo has feature that can end the "Bootloop"

To date the "Bootloop"seemed like one of those non-harsh diseases for Android. However, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, Android Oreo may finally incorporate a life-saving tool. It's called" Rescue Party "and was detected in the code. software source of this new version.

Android Oreo bootloop smartphone
Can Android Oreo end bootloop?

"Rescue Party" will be able to detect if your Android Oreo smartphone has entered a dangerous cycle of "Bootloop"if the device restarts more than 5 times within 5 minutes. It will also take action if it detects that any System App spontaneously closes or crashes (Force close) more than 5 times in 30 seconds. If these assumptions come true the "Rescue Party" or literally rescue and rescue team will take action.

Rescue Party may end bootloop on Android Oreo

This information was advanced by site androidpolice which explains in detail how this security mechanism works. In short, a situation of "Bootloop"on Android Oreo" Rescue Party "starts taking steps to recover your smartphone automatically.

If none of your measurements work your smartphone will return to the auto recovery mode from which, and ultimately, the user can perform a factory reset by resetting all the original settings and settings.

This "Rescue Party" does not address the cause of "Bootloop"does not prevent it from happening but provides the end user with various means to deal with its consequences and preferably in a way that does not completely render the smartphone unusable.

Bootloop Android Oreo smartphone
Who has not suffered a "Bootloop"?

This Android Oreo feature will not be able to save your data after the factory reset if you have not backed up or backup therefore always take this into consideration. Yet it is a tool that gives us hope, especially for those who have already lost a smartphone due to the fearful "Bootloop"

Android Oreo can save your smartphone with "Rescue Party"

It should also be noted that "Rescue Party" was found in Android Oreo source code in its purest version, as Google conceived it.

That said, this will be the system software that has just begun to launch for the Google Pixel and Nexus. In addition, various builders such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, ASUS, and others may choose not to include this tool in their builds of firmware (system software).

Lastly, it should be noted that this "Rescue Party" may not solve all sorts of bootloop or save each and every smartphone this failure often fatal. We know that when the error is caused by the software there is a solution. However, if this malady is caused by a hardware defect then there is no apparent solution. If the problem is in the physical components of the smartphone there are no miracles and you will even have to take it for assistance.

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And have you ever suffered from this "plague" of bootloop on any Android smartphone? Can the Rescue Party eliminate this big shoe stone?

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