Android Nougat – Which Smartphone and brand with the most updates?

Android Nougat is already present in over 15% of Android's
Motorola Android Nougat Smartphone
Android Nougat has already reached 10% of devices (smartphone and tablet)

Android OS updates are a big part of our mobile experience, with Android Nougat being the latest version. If you have just bought a smartphone, or are looking for your next smartphone, you have certainly wondered if Samsung, Motorola or any other brand tends to upgrade their devices. Note that quantity is not always synonymous with quality but it is already a good indicator that the brand cares about the consumer's user experience.

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Android Nougat is currently the latest version available to the public. It is present in only 9.5% (Google's last count data) and is currently around 10%. Note that Android Nougat was made available to all homebuilders on August 22, 2016. Almost a year ago so no brand has any excuse for not yet upgrading their smartphone or smartphones.

For the sake of our mental health let's ignore the almost insignificance of these distribution numbers and not look at iOS. Otherwise we would ignite the typical Android-Apple debate here. The green robot's operating system is extremely fragmented but provides greater freedom. Bottom point.

What's new in Android Nougat for my Smartphone?

Before we look at each brand and the likelihood of its equipment being updated, be it Google, Motorola, Samsung or whatever, let's look at the top Android Nougat news that may come to your smartphone. Note that this is the full feature package of Android Nougat, with each builder choosing to include more or less features from this feature menu.

Android Nougat on Motorola

Let's start with one of the best brands in this regard. Motorola that this year to be committed to conquer all market segments, especially the mid range and entry range. Having already introduced several pieces of equipment in 2017, how have the 2016 models handled software updates?

Motorola was 1st

Here Motorola was the fastest builder to upgrade the high-end Motorola Moto Z and its variants. 88 days have passed since Google made Android Nougat available for these upscale models. In addition, the Motorola Moto G4 and Motorola Moto G4 Plus began receiving this update before the end of 2016. Only the Motorola Moto G4 Play seems to be experiencing some delays.

Later, in March, it was the turn of the Motorola Moto Z Play to start receiving Android Nougat. Note that the distribution of updates is always gradual, first reaching units not linked to a carrier. Looking at the various models of Motorola we can say that this was the brand that most quickly updated every smartphone that proudly bears the Motorola "M" logo.

Android Nougat on LG

South Korean LG was only a few days behind Motorola. It took just 90 days after the official release of Android Nougat to update some of its smartphones. After this initial initial effort LG took its time to distribute the updates to lesser known devices. Indeed, it was not until May 2017 that the vast majority of mid-range smartphones started receiving this Android Nougat.

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It was a great start for LG, at a time when the builder had to recover from the weak sales of the LG G5 and we might not even have had a update by 2017. However, the brand has made that extra effort. While most of their devices have been slow to catch up and one of their best smartphones to date, the LG G4 still does not receive this update. Unfortunate for a high end.

Android Nougat on Sony

Sony was the fourth builder to be able to upgrade at least one smartphone in the first 100 days. The smartphone elected to receive Android Nougat was Xperia X Performance on November 29th. Shortly thereafter followed the Xperia XZ. Then came the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact within two weeks.

Sony has since released this Android Nougat update for several of its top-of-the-range products, even the oldest and most mid-range devices. In this respect the Japanese brand has done a great job! Its UI is lightweight and we could almost compare it to Motorola's, both simple, intuitive and quite rewarding to use.

Quite frankly, Sony has gone from one of the worst to one of the best brands when it comes to updates for its smartphones. I wish I didn't launch so many smartphones a year but at least keep it up with updates!

Android Nougat on OnePlus

Chinese OnePlus released the first update for Android Nougat on December 31, 2016. The first to receive the news were its OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. It was the last manufacturer to release updates in 2016. Samsung took a few more days.

Unfortunately the brand later confirmed that OnePlus 2 would not receive this update. However, note that OnePlus is the smallest builder on this list and only sells equipment through online stores.

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The brand has just launched its new flagship for 2017, the OnePlus 5 and promised that it would receive at least two major software updates. You are sure to receive Android O and the next update. But should we believe these promises?

Android Nougat on Samsung

In its defense Samsung is the builder with the most work at hand. Being the builder with at least one smartphone for every industry in the market, it's no wonder it takes a while to start updating devices. Moreover its UI (interface) is very personalized and distances itself from pure Android. This means work. Hours and hours of code, programming and the like.

Android Nougat 4gnews Motorola Smartphone
Android Nougat has reached Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, (…) albeit slowly and gradually.

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For the average consumer this means that software updates will be delayed. They will come, but I advise you to have patience. Take the example of the Galaxy S7 which waited over 250 days before receiving Android Nougat.

The update took a while but it has arrived and even the 2015 tops (Galaxy S6) are being updated. Now even mid-range and low-end devices of 2016 are receiving Android Nougat so we have to tip Samsung for being able to upgrade so many of their devices. Anyway, considering the dimensions and power of the bad brand was if you did not take care of each smartphone.

Android Nougat on Huawei

Huawei is getting closer and closer to Samsung, both in terms of the number of smartphones launched and in the very personalized UI. This means they are not quick to release updates for EMUI even though these updates eventually reach mid-range devices.

The Chinese brand has grown rapidly and with this growth comes an increased responsibility to take care of each smartphone, cherishing and valuing the trust that the consumer has placed in the brand. In this respect Huawei has improved but there is still a big way ahead.

Has your smartphone received Android Nougat? At the level of upgrades Motorola seems to reign. However, other builders are now more aware of the importance of upgrading their devices.

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