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Android Messaging will have a slightly different design with Android Q

Android Messaging will have a slightly different design with Android Q

Many users use Google's "Android Messaging" app as their priority messaging app. This app is free on the Google Play Store and one of the best SMS Apps you can use. If you are a Vodafone customer (since you have RCS, realize what it is here) it is even better.

The Google app, which already has its public beta, will have a slight design change as soon as your smartphone receives Android Q.

Android messaging application new design

New icons and slight visual changes

Apparently, according to the images of Android Police, the application will change the icons slightly. Although this is a small change, remember that every detail is thought through and rethought. That is, it is very likely that other Google applications will also follow the new icon pattern.

Android messaging

Also, browsing the smartphone within the app will make browsing gestures disappear when in the message box. Bar that will reappear as soon as you enter a conversation. That is, no lower "bar" to indicate that there is the Menu. This means that Google is beginning to believe that its users are increasingly used to gestures on smartphones.

Google Duo Integration

Google Duo integration is also expected. There are already some users who can see this integration. We see, for example, the video call icon at the top of the conversation.

Google has been trying for a long time boost of interacting with Google Duo through other applications. If initially the contacts app was the first to create this interaction, now it's Android Messaging.

You can be Beta by following these steps. This new version, however, will only be available on your smartphone if you also already have Android Q installed on your smartphone.

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