Android messaging: New functionality solves a possible problem

Android Messaging

If you have the “Android messages” application, also known as “Google messages”, you certainly know that operators already allow RCS messages.

In summary, RCS is the future of SMS. Basically, it is an authentic Facebook Messenger for “normal messages”. There is a better way to explain this to you if you don’t know what it is. You can read our comparison of RCS with SMS here.

Android messages let you send SMS instead of RCS

Android Messaging

When you have an operator with RCS, messages are automatically sent with the new format. However, you are not the only one if your messages are not sending or if you are experiencing slow problems. For this, Google solved the problem in a simple and quick way.

Android Messaging

According to information from Android Police, when some users are sending a message (RCS) and the message is taking too long, the user can click on the message body and see an options menu. This menu solves the problem of sending the message by giving the user the option to choose the SMS option.

That is, as much as the RCS is the future, the functionality is still not working 100% for all users. In the meantime, Google has discovered a simple and quick way to resolve the situation in its messaging application.

Unfortunately, not all messaging applications give us this option. However, the good news is that you can install the “Android Messages” application on the Google Play Store for free.

The application is considerably better than the one that is already integrated in smartphones. In fact, you dare to install the application with Gboard and a range of Google applications like “contacts” and “phone” and you will see that your smartphone improves considerably. Both in performance and design.

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